April 20, 2019

10 Web Development Tips to Better Your Website Success

Web development is a procedure that should be possible by any individual who has the correct learning of the different orders included yet is generally best dealt with by experts known as website specialists.

Website Usability is more about the effectiveness of the website design and demonstration of information on the website that makes the visitors to respond against the services and products. While the site visibility refers how the traffic reach to the website and how well the site position in search engine to appreciate the high traffic from that point.

There is two type of factor affect the website development success:

  • Website Usability Factor
  • Website Visibility Factor

Website Usability Factor includes:

Avoid using carousal, slider, tabs and accordion:

Using carousels and sliders will be the conversion killers. Some people think it is looking cool but cool does not make you money.

Here are some reasons as to why it doesn't work:

  • Human Eye reacts to movement and it will miss the important stuff.
  • Too many messages equals to No message as most of the people won't even pay attention to these sliders or carousals. Focusing on single primary message and action is way always far more effective.
  • These sliders look like banner and people just skip over them.

Content (Conversational Language and avoid industrial jargon)

With regards to visitors or readers perspective, website Language should be simple and understanding. It should be conversational. Most of the people generally did these mistake, they wrote content of the website in extraordinary language. Also always avoid uses of Technical/industrial terms and jargon.

Placement of Contact Information & Call to Action:

The main goal of any website is to attract a large audience and should always tempt the visitors to complete an action- whether it is sign up for newsletter, download profile or set up meeting. Robust call to action are vital to converting website visitors into leads. Placement of Contact details and call to action should be appropriate in the website layout that make sense for the target market.

Try not to conceal your telephone number on the website that you need your clients to call.

Simplify where you can (Simple navigation):

The primary aim of navigation menu is for people to be able to find the information they need quickly and easily. It should not be in a complicated to find by placing it any random place. It should be clearly visible, so that visitors exactly know where to go to achieve their task. So make sure website menus even more concise, simple, and easy to use.

Establish Your Credibility:

You can request for Testimonials from your clients, and after that post them all through your site. You can never have such a large number of testimonials. Incorporate them on your landing page, on your checkout page, on your "About" page. or then again some other page. Be proactive and request testimonials and recommendations after you complete a deal or help your clients with an issue.

Getting a specialist in your field to give a positive remark about your organization may give a tremendous lift to your credibility.

Website Visibility Factor includes:

Invest in fast page loading speed:

First impression is very important for any of the website. Your customers, readers and visitors make an instant decision about your business and about you also. If website loads fast, you have instantly made a strong first impression. It's a quick win for user experience. On the off chance that it loads quickly, your new visitors is promptly glad.

It's entirely psychology, We believe fast sites to be proficient and dependable. We relate speed to efficiency, trust, and confidence. On the other, slow website makes us think it's unsafe, insecure and untrustworthy. For that we have to make sure that all website pages and images are optimized. Apart from that CSS, JAVA Script would be minified.

Proper Link Building:

When I state internal link building, what I mean are the links inside a site that are connecting to another page on a similar site. Internal link building is likewise vital from a client viewpoint. Since the search engine crawlers will record and rank each page of your website, you need to regard each page as a possible landing page for the visitors. You never need to leave your traffic caught on an unspecified page of your site! Internal linking enables move to traffic through your site, driving them down a pre-decided way of change. It limits disarray for the visitors, since they realize what the following legitimate step to explore through your site is.

Power of SEO:

Remember to do SEO on every single page of your site. Website optimization can enable your business to develop and meet the business goals. Search Engine crawls and indexes the list your content and guarantee the fundamental on-page factors are optimized. So attempt to upgrade your site pages, make them inventive and SEO friendly.

Social Media Visibility:

Social Media offers an incredible chance to share content, Drive traffic to your website through online networking. As clients are locked in and invested heaps of their energy on Social Media. Utilize these stage, Promote your substance via social networking platforms.

Mobile Responsive:

The present innovation is expanding or growing quickly. Then, Mobile Phones in the life of person is simply normal, everybody can get it at a reasonable cost.

Individuals much of the time surf the web through telephones more than, Laptop or Desktop. They look for spots, new advancements, books, and even customers take part in surfing the Internet through telephones and made buys utilizing their mobile phones.

So what you need to do, Make Mobile Responsive site and make a Successful Website. Apart from all the above mentioned points, you need to always keep in mind is that testing is an very important thing for the success of any website. What happens is that sites regularly will in general get into specific issues and by not testing them frequently, they may make issues that could be pushing visitors away. Websites always need upgrades and updates in order to keep up the visitors strides and client intrigue.

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April 5, 2018

Differences between Shared Hosting, VPS, and Dedicated Server

Lots of people asking me about hosting and they are confused by Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS, Virtual Private Server, and Dedicated Server.

Shared hosting and reseller hosting

Shared hosting is generally seen as a relatively low-cost entry-level host. In addition, some people call it Web Hosting. This type of virtual host is used to receive a large number of customers on a host, and one host may put dozens of Or hundreds of sites, it's a bit like you rent a serviced office.

If you rent a serviced office, you may have more than a dozen people sharing public facilities like public office chairs, conference rooms, internet, tea rooms, telephones, air-conditioning, printers, etc., but the cost will definitely be more than you rent/buy yourself. The office, which is why the shared host would be cheaper, and because it is cheap, it is currently the mainstream in the market.

Renting a shared host means that you share the resources of this host with other websites of the same host, such as IP, CPU, hard disk, and network bandwidth, so when the same host takes up more CPU, you The website will be dragged down, which is why the host computer in the United States has stricter restrictions on the CPU, because it cannot always affect the rights of the majority because of a small number of people.

There are also shared hosts that all use the same IP, so someone would say that if the same host has websites that are blacklisted by search engines, the search engine may not retrieve your site or it will be bad for your SEO, but I can tell you that now more than 90% of the world's websites are on shared hosting, so you don't have to take this part, and search engines still collect it.

Shared hosting also has another type of account called Reseller Hosting. Reseller accounts are much more expensive than normal shared hosting accounts. This is provided for companies like web design companies or companies that have a number of agency sales agencies. The difference between dealer accounts and general accounts is that dealers can use separate back-office management for their customers. All the support matters are the responsibility of the dealer.


The main concern for renting shared hosting is that if one host receives too many customers, or if the same host has a website that occupies a lot of resources, this can only be confirmed by the reputation of the host computer and observations made afterwards. There will be a few hosts on the same host business. If you register to a few hosts, it is best to leave before the refund period or request to change the host. Otherwise, the same amount of money will not be the same. The performance is very vomiting.



A virtual private server (VPS) is a relatively high-end virtual host. You can imagine this as if you were renting a serviced office "independent room."


If you live in a "separate room," you can have your own equipment conference space, telephone, printer and air-conditioning. What you have to do is more free and convenient, and if you rent a room that is big enough, then you can be the second landlord yourself. Find people to share the rent, and because the price is higher than the shared host, the number of clients receiving a host must be relatively small (in fact, VPS should not be oversold), of course, is more suitable for high-traffic or CPU Sites that use higher rates to stand. 

The fundamental difference between VPS and shared hosting is that in terms of system programs, shared hosts share a set of host programs such as Linux, Apache, SQL, etc., but VPS systems use virtual programs like VMware or Virtual Box for personal computers. Each VPS customer installs an operating system, and it will define the hard disk, memory, and bandwidth usage of your system, just like the data in the VPS comparison table above. When you sell your VPS, you have already set the conditions, so you can guarantee that your system will not affect other people's systems or that someone else's system will affect you.

This way is very much like you have a private computer in the computer room, so there will be a Virtual Private Server like this name, but to rent a VPS host you have to have basic knowledge of Linux, because a lot of things are If you set it yourself, it won't be possible to make your mainframe use 100% less effective. If you have basic Linux knowledge, then ensuring that VPS can make you have a good time.

There are VPSs that will generally distribute independent IPs to you. Some specifications are better and even give you a few IPs. This is indispensable for some special applications or e-commerce. If you have some yourself Programs written to run on the site, such as blogging, tribal tracks, and self-developed web applications, use at least this level of host.


Exclusive host

Dedicated Server really lets you own a physical host. The cost is quite high, and look at the specifications of the host is also not very good, I think few people would want to rent this kind of Exclusive host it.

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March 30, 2018

WordPress vs Wix vs Weebly Which is the good/better for bloggers & website ?

The most commonly used website platforms in the market today are WordPress, Wix, and Weebly. If one of the website platforms is selected for you, the following analysis is available for everyone to judge.


Web Hosting

If you want to use WordPress to build a website, the most basic one is to rent a web hosting space first. If the fee is about $5-$10, you can have a very good web hosting space, but the website traffic is naturally better and more advanced. device of.

The website's website

URL must also be purchased by oneself, but we also have services that help people to provide services. In addition, there are no other fees.

SEO Effects

There are many plugins that support SEO. They are also very complete in terms of setting. The effect is the best for all platforms.


biggest advantage of the website WordPress is that it has tens of thousands of free themes. If the free templates can't satisfy you, you can also purchase some foreign paid versions, or find a dedicated WordPress design company to help design the version.

Function Support

WordPress has a lot of plug-ins to meet all the needs of users. This is also a fascinating place for WordPress. Whether it is to set up shopping carts, fill out forms, or create any functions, almost all of them can be found in the official free plug-in; if needed Function can not find a satisfactory plug-in, you can also ask a professional web design company to help develop.

Multi-language support

Whether the front-end or back-end can be found in different language versions, it is also possible to add a multi-language version to the website.


you find a new web hosting site, you can move the site at any time. No matter SEO, Internet search, or web address (as long as it is your own purchase), you can follow it at any time. After the move, users will not find you. Or the searched URL is an issue where the old URL cannot be linked to the new URL. It is the most suitable website platform for your own brand.


Web hosting

and Weebly are very similar to the platform, primary use is completely free of charge, unless in the future to add other services only need to pay an additional fee, but most of the services are to be charged separately, before use, it is recommended to look at clearly paid items, so as not to upload the data is completed Only to find that the cost is too expensive to move. At that time, it was difficult to move, and the website did not come back.

Website Costs The

website can use the official name provided free of charge, but there will be no SEO; you can purchase the website yourself, and you have to pay the official fee to bind the website.

SEO Effect

Although the official name is SEO, the effect is limited and the setting is very simple.

Web site

arts WIX system can provide a web page template has been selected, the number can not be more than WordPress template, and can only modify the basic CSS file, more limited.

Functional Support

Almost all functions rely on official development. If the official does not provide it, then look at whether or not to move.

Language Support

Backstage does not currently support the Chinese interface, and there are fewer problem solving solutions for Chinese on the Internet.

Problems with

website relocation Even if the website is bought by oneself, no matter if it is SEO or Internet search, it will almost return to zero, and after the move, the users will not be able to find or search for a website where the old website cannot be linked to the new website.

Weebly DIY

Web hosting

and Wix are very similar platforms, primary use is completely free of charge, unless in the future to add other services only need to pay an additional fee, but most of the service is to be charged separately, it is recommended to look at the payment before use to avoid payment of information is uploaded Only to find that the cost is too expensive to move. At that time, it was difficult to move, and the website did not come back.

Website Costs The

website can use the official name provided free of charge, but there will be no SEO; you can purchase the website yourself, and you have to pay the official fee to bind the website.

SEO Effect

Although the official name is SEO, the effect is limited and the setting is very simple.

Web site

Weebly system can provide a web page template has been selected, the number can not be more than the number of WordPress templates, and can only modify the basic CSS file, more limited.

Functional Support

Almost all functions rely on official development. If the official does not provide it, then look at whether or not to move.

Language Support

Backstage does not currently support the Chinese interface, and there are fewer problem solving solutions for Chinese on the Internet.

If you move the site, the

website is bought by you. After you move, no matter if it is SEO or Internet search, it will almost always be zero. After the move, the user will not be able to find or search for a website where the old URL cannot be linked to the new website.

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March 25, 2018

How to do SEO Optimization for E-commerce Websites Ultimate Guide

What is SEO?

The answer to this question is changing over time. In the early 90s of the last century, SEO search engine optimization generally refers to adding Meta description and Meta keywords to web pages and adding sitemaps to websites to guide search engines to index keywords for website content in order to facilitate user search.

As meta keywords are abused, search engines introduce more reliable mechanisms for index ranking, and SEO optimizations are more about how to build a large number of backlinks to guide (or mislead) search engines to score high scores for websites and linked keywords.

As search engines become more and more clever and cloud computing capabilities have increased dramatically enough to track and record user browsing behaviour, today's SEO optimization is more related to content marketing through Content Marketing to enhance user experience.

The search engine is not designed to help make money by doing business. The search engine is to serve users, help find information to increase the exposure rate, and then use the exposure rate to buy advertisements to make big profits. In the long run, by only posting high quality content, this search engine can make you look and improve your SEO rankings. However, in the short term, there are indeed some kings to optimize your website SEO rankings. It is the scoring factors that directly address SEO rankings for fine-tuning web content and leveraging third-party platforms to increase backlinks.

SEO optimization

The author emphasises that SEO requires quality content. Injecting premium content is more effective than general SEO optimization methods, especially after the release of Google Panda updates. But assuming no major changes to the content of the site, what should SEO optimization do? The practice is for the SEO ranking scoring method, which is what we call the SEO ranking factor.

In-page SEO ranking factors

The ranking factors that can be adjusted within a web page are the so-called intra-page factors.  How to choose SEO optimization search keyword" ). For example, the title contains search keywords or not, the frequency of search keywords in the content, and so on. The meta keyword is relatively less important. In particular, it is known that Google does not refer to the meta keyword. So I would not suggest that you spend time setting the meta keyword. SEO URL slug is especially important.

Out-of-page SEO ranking factors

Inside and outside of a web page, SEO ranking factors determined by third parties are generally referred to as reverse link backlinks, which are the so-called out-page ranking factors. It is no longer useful to pay back the paid link paid link today. If you do not care, you may be punished by the search engine. For beginners in general, they should focus on submitting and joining navigation sites in the yellow pages directory. Registering your online store or product in a navigational classification website can give one more way to make your customers aware of your product and website, and on the other hand, it can increase your website's SEO rankings. At present, many large navigation websites are free to register, and registration on navigation websites is not difficult at all.

User Experience SEO Ranking Factors

Some have ranking factors related to user experience, such as time spent on the site, bounce rate, and so on. This is the so-called user interaction SEO ranking factor User Interaction Factors. One way to optimize the user experience is to increase the use of internal links inlinks within a web page. A high-quality content will generally provide readers with relevant hyperlinks that guide more in-depth discussions of other issues. Pointing to other pages by increasing internal links within the page will help improve the page's Quality Score. For quality scores, see What does Panda Quality Score mean for online stores?

Internal links act like a good salesperson. When one person walks into a shop in a shopping mall, the excellent sales staff will not let the guests easily leave with their hands. They always try their best to promote other useful things in the shop to the customer. Therefore, professional shops will add more products such as related products, classification labels, etc. to allow visitors to browse more stores or information.

Other factors affecting user experience include whether the typesetting structure of the website is fluent, whether the menu structure is reasonable, and whether the font size is suitable for long-term reading. Compare the following fine-grained windows in Microsoft's 1990s with the positive black boxes used in Windows 8 today. Do you think the latter is more pleasing to the eye? 

Website SEO ranking factor

Site Ranking Factors Site Factors refers to site-related factors, such as the site loading speed, the number of invalid links, the total number of pages, whether the site is updated frequently, and so on. In general, if a web page loads faster than 4 seconds, the visitor cannot connect. The improvement is to optimize the image, introduce a buffer mechanism, and upgrade the web server. You can use some automated online services such as: Online Broken Link Checker to check the invalid link on the website and modify it manually. But one of the most important site ranking factors is the authoritative Domain Authority of the domain.

Social Media SEO Ranking Factors

Some ranking factors are related to social media, such as how many Facebook likes, tweets, etc. This is called Social Factors. For the average beginner, regularly on Facebook, microblogging sent to the product or service news to help improve SEO rankings, remember to add backlinks to connect to web pages. Information needs to be shared by the community (including like, comment, share). Developers of social media have only provided platforms and content is created by participants themselves. 

For example, you share a travel experience with Facebook, others join discussions, and so on. In contrast, traditional print media, such as newspaper television, began as content providers. The focus of using social media is that information can raise awareness and allow followers to add value to your content. If you are using the content management system Content Management System, there is probably already a few plug-ins that facilitate the automatic publishing of website content to social media.

Special SEO ranking factors

Some of the ranking factors are related to search engine algorithms, such as Query Deserves Freshness, Query Deserves Diversity, geographic target considerations, and so on. This is called Special Factors. Many of the above mentioned SEO optimization work can be very tedious. Without an effective content management system platform, it is very laborious and difficult to do well.

Different search engine considerations

Google has the highest global market share, which is about 60%. Bing and Yahoo use the same engine, adding up to about 30%. Different search engines use different methods to calculate rankings. For example, Meta describes Google without scoring and Bing and Yahoo score points. Too many repetitive keywords are deducted from Google, but Bing and Yahoo may not matter. Our experience is that once Google has achieved a high ranking, it will slowly gain high positions at Bing and Yahoo. 

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November 29, 2017

Practical and proven ways to generate leads for your online store

Practical and proven ways to generate leads for your online store
If you have your online store and want to attract more and more customers, then you should read this post very carefully. In order to keep a business afloat, the generating leads are essential. Lead generation plays a vital role in the sales process. Well, there are several ways to generate leads for your online store. In this post, you will get to know about some incredible ways to generate leads for your online store.
There are some effective ways that can get you quick publicity, and fast customers in very small amount invested.

Search engine optimization

You might have a fantastic website, but it is of no use until and unless it pops up on the search engines. According to the study, around 78% of the total clicks are from the top three links in the search results. This basically is emphasizing the keywords for which your product is known. This will help you drive attention towards your website and in turn gets high leads and inbound sales. Google search console, HitTail, SEO book are some of the best SEO tips for the starting.

Formatting of landing page

The Landing page is the page on which the client 'lands' after clicking on your link. You need to make it effective and engaging by providing forms and offers on your product. This is the first impression and the sight of your leads. This also needs to be understood that you need to protect your landing page from outside campaigns. Having outside campaigns will improve their SEO ranking and you need to increase yours.


Webinars are e- seminars wherein the company gets live with its customers talking about any relevant topic to their products. This is an amazing opportunity to generate leads as you will be live at your customer base and can talk in person. It is a proven fact that talking to person is always more effective.


This is a very old technique to let people know about you. Writing a blog is not that of an easy task, but it gets you a lot of attention. You can get high quality content, either get it from another writer or you can write on your own. After completion of the blogs you can ask other websites to publish your blogs. This will not cost you much but will give you a lot of benefits. Publicity is the first, you can provide a link in your blog that leads to your site. This will also give you an opportunity to share your thoughts with the client.

Online directories

Online directories are not that big in hearing, but are, actually, very useful. Many businesses make their leads just because they are listed in the online directories like G2Crowd, Capterra, Get app, etc.

Press releases

People are coming to the internet for every small and big thing. News is one thing that almost every one of your lead is surely interested in. The news, forums might be of great help to you in generating new leads. The more you get into the eyes of people that matter the hold a chance to win them as clients.

Old is gold

Mouth publicity is the best publicity because people trust the people telling them about your business. Your old customers can refer you can refer you as good service providers and this will make you even better leads. So, you need to also take care of your old clients and not only focus on new clients.
Lead generation is not an easy task, but for your own company to grow you need to make new clients. The steps stated above are just the starting steps; you also need to think something out of the box. Last few decades saw less innovation in this area. You need to stand out of the crowd to be recognized as different from others. You as the owner need to invest in the marketing department because once your marketing goes strong you are surely going to ride the horse of prospering in no time.

Author Bio:
Maggie Sawyer is a creative magento developer at MarkupHQ Ltd., a leading psd to magento conversion company with vast experience in web development & design. She provides magento theme conversion services with 100% client satisfaction guarantee.
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6 Ways to Communicate with Your Audience on Your WordPress Site

Figuring out how to communicate with your audience in WordPress may appear to be inconsequential, yet it can do a considerable measure for your website and your business in various ways. It can give you understanding into what your audience is considering, feeling and battling with, and it can enable you to set up a feeling of assume that will make it less demanding for you to execute changes and new items/services in your business without causing a colossal uproar.
We will concentrate on the a wide range of ways you can enhance the way you communicate with your audience on a WordPress site. Here's a review of what we'll be examining:
  • Email Marketing
  • Asking for Feedback
  • Comment Systems
  • Forums
  • RSS Feeds
  • Web Design
Email marketing is a standout amongst the most popular approaches to up your content marketing amusement and in the end change over those guests who "go through" your website into clients.
What many site proprietors don't understand is the measure of potential this platform has in helping you to set up an association with your audience, an association more profound than the one you can make on social media. A ton of diversions exist on social media. It's simply you and your per user with regards to their inbox. It allows you to keep in contact, send customized emails and advancements, and maybe even select content.
Ensure you likewise look at our post on the best email marketing service suppliers.

Asking for Feedback

There are a great deal of routes you to out what issues individuals from your specialty are having, yet in the event that you have an audience on your website, for what reason not simply go to them? Ask them what their greatest battles are, and discover what sorts of content they're occupied with.
There are a couple of various ways you can do this. You can utilize the forces of email marketing to send a communicate email asking each one of your per users what their greatest battles are. You can even add that same email to the autoresponder arrangement you use for new subscribers.
You can likewise utilize extraordinary contact form on your website per users can use to make inquiries like an antiquated guidance section in a daily paper.

Comment Systems

This is likely a standout amongst the most clear approaches to build the measure of correspondence you have with your audience. In spite of the presence of trolls and negative naysayers, it's as yet an extraordinary approach to give your audience their very own voice, which tells them you think about their info. You additionally become more acquainted with additional about them by tuning in to their perspectives on specific subjects, and yes, you'll get feedback. Ideally, its greater part will be productive and will enable you to enhance your content marketing amusement.


Forums aren't exceptionally popular, and in light of current circumstances, as well. It's another module you have to add to your website, and it's another form of feedback from your audience you have to direct. Besides, you have your email rundown to use for announcements and a comment framework to use for feedback. Why try executing this on your site?
In the event that you have a dynamic community who reacts to each blog entry you distribute, each email you convey, each tweet you send and each Facebook post you distribute, you might need to consider gathering this vocal yet isolated community into one zone where they can draw in and talk with each other about different themes. They may even help each other out instead of sitting tight for you to answer to an email or distribute a post around an issue they've communicated to you. Having this level of community available to you can even put you in front of your rivals as far as brand mindfulness. Besides, you may take in more about the battles your audience is confronting.

RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are certainly less popular because of the ascent of social media and the fall of Google Reader, yet they give a superb approach to you to offer your content to perusers who wouldn't visit your blog alone and don't wish to join your email list right now.
Many individuals utilize RSS feeds to stay aware of the sites they take after. They even utilize exceptional instruments, for example, Feedly. All websites have RSS feeds. In the event that you have lovely permalinks empowered, you can see your RSS channel by exploring to "example.com/encourage/rss".

Web Design

Web design assumes a critical part in how successful you are in speaking with your audience. In the event that a blog entry has a "welcome bar" publicizing your most recent digital book, a sidebar that prescribes different posts and in addition an unsavory pop-up asking per users to subscribe to your email list, your per users may progress toward becoming overpowered and befuddled about what they ought to do given the measure of activities you're asking them to go up against a solitary page.
One answer for this is to execute a moderate web design on your website. It includes cleaning up your site by expelling diversions. On a WordPress site, these diversions may include that same hi bar, pop-ups, sidebars, sliders, movements, related posts gadgets and then some. Reducing these pointless components, particularly on your landing page, will tell clients what you need from them.
Author Bio
Sunny Chawla is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs– a Web-design and Development Company. Helping global businesses with unique and engaging tools for their business. He would love to share thoughts on wordpress website development ,web design and mobile app development.
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February 28, 2015

Amazing games that are only Created with web Technologies

JavaScript and HTML5 are quite powerful these days. Increasingly more games are built exclusively with these web technologies, and believe it or not, they’re quite entertaining. A couple of years back, developers were compelled to use Flash to create a game. Right now, Flash has nearly disappeared; WebGL has taken the lead. Here are a few amazing games that were crafted with web technologies.


One of the coolest games built with web technology; Sinuous packs sleek graphics, fluid frame rates, and an engaging gameplay. All you have to do is avoid collision with the red dots that are present in the game. Some dots however, give you power-ups, so make sure to grab those. For some additional points, move around as much as possible and steer clear of as many red dots as possible.


HexGL is an incredibly futuristic racing game that was built by Thibaut Despoulain. It is fast-paced, fun, and interactive. Created with WebGL, JavaScript and HTML5, HexGL brings homage to F-Zero and Wipeout. The maker of this racing game – a computer science student - made it with a lot of enthusiasm and devotion, and believe it or not, it’s not the easiest racer you ever played. Do you have what it takes to make it to the finish line?


Who doesn’t love a well-crafted puzzle game? Entanglement was crafted with HTML5 and it has players create lengthy paths through the insertion of all kinds of segments on specific grids. With plenty of levels at your disposal, this web tech game features lots of tricky levels you’ll surely appreciate. Compete with friends and fight for the highest score. Last but not least, relish the background music sounds as they’re quite enthralling.

Cube Slam

Superbly colored and beautifully crafted, Cube Slam is a 3D arcade classic. Built in HTML5, players must defeat Bob, and they have 3 lives to do it. First few levels are easy, but as you advance you’ll see how Cube Slam becomes increasingly more challenging. The web tech game has a multiplayer mode too; this allows players to ask friends to join in.

Elevator Saga

If you’re an avid programmer, then you’ll grow very fond of this coding game. In Elevator Saga players must transport people in the most efficient way using encoding elevator moves. JavaScript is being used for every move, so programmers should prepare themselves for the ultimate challenge.

Olympia Rising

Fight with all your powers and make your way through the infinite pits of the Underworld. In this 2D action-adventure platformer, you play Iola who navigates a wealth of Ancient Greek regions in the hopes of getting out of the Underworld and becoming a person with a normal life once again. Featuring the most fluid animations and lush graphics, Olympia Rising is a 16-bit styled web game where players must slash, jump, climb and blast their way to move onto the next stage.

Escape from XP

RIP to Windows XP! Whether you loved or hated XP, this action arcade game made with HTML5 will definitely draw your attention. Basically, it celebrates the death of the famous operating system, and surprisingly it’s quite engaging. Players are in charge of saving XP’s last developer, who’s somewhere trapped and can’t get out. A must-play for all XP fans!

Out of the numerous games built with JavaScript and HTML5, it’s impossible for avid gamers not to find something to exceed their expectations. The ones we mentioned above are fun, lively, entertaining, and challenging enough to keep players busy for hours in a row. Which one’s your favorite?

This is the guest post by Fredrick Cameron and Make Up Games 365!

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February 24, 2015

10 Remarkably Unmissable Wordpress Code Snippets

Every Wordpress website owner continuously strives to improve the website's efficiency and productivity to achieve the best possible results.

Typically, we set off on a plugin installing spree when we start to feel our website needs some extra dose of functionality to boast. We start to look for the list of best plugins for either SEO, social media, for custom widgets, having a more personalized menu, playing around with the website's style and so on. So far so good, but it is no hidden fact that too many plugins only end up bloating our websites and severely affect their performance in terms of multiple areas.

This is where the small code snippets come in handy. Wordpress, for being as user friendly as it is, lets you edit the core files of your themes with utmost ease. There are several such snippets already doing the rounds. And in this post, I will introduce you to some that can really let you refine your website thoroughly.

1. For a Login Screen that Perfectly Demonstrates Your Brand Character

The login screens are unarguably the most ignored aspects of any websites, particularly in terms of styling. We go to great lengths to make sure no one unauthorized gets their way around them, but we hardly pay attention to make this page interesting for our viewing pleasure, or for making it very relevant to our brands, especially in scenarios where we have a number of authors and editors on our website.

So, in order to give the screen a more personalized touch, you can try out this code:

function loginLogo() { echo ''; } add_action('login_head', 'loginLogo');

2. Add Extra Contact Methods to User Profiles

Contact forms have indispensable importance building a loyal list of followers is on your agenda. When you have more users signing up and creating their profiles on your website, you are actually enlisting more and more potential buyers.

But, truth be told, Wordpress makes the whole exercise extremely mundane with its old-age contact forms and methods. So, here is a small code snippet that can be used to add more contact methods to your Wordpress website, just to make things more interesting for those who are interested:

add_filter('user_contactmethods', 'my_user_contactmethods');

function my_user_contactmethods($user_contactmethods){
  $user_contactmethods['twitter'] = 'Twitter Username';
  $user_contactmethods['facebook'] = 'Facebook Username';
  return $user_contactmethods;

All you got to do from hereon is give the methods personalized name and labels.

3. Making More Space for the Widgets

There is already a truckload of literature dedicated to the importance of the Wordpress widgets. They way let you add more versatility to your website is unparallel and thus, making enough room for them to snug in is of very high significance.

Here is a code for you to create the space with the right frame size so that they fit in naturally:

if (function_exists('register_sidebar')) {
      'name' => 'Social Widget Area',
      'id'   => 'social-widget-area',
      'description'   => 'Social Widget Area',
      'before_widget' => '
', 'after_widget' => '
', 'before_title' => '

', 'after_title' => '

' )); }

4. Getting Rid of the Default Widgets

Talking of widgets, there is a lot of default fluff that Wordpress swings at us, and this is how we get rid of it:

// unregister some widgets
 function unregister_default_widgets() {
 add_action('widgets_init', 'unregister_default_widgets', 11);

5. For echoing Shortcode in Template

Shortcodes are a revelation on the website. And for you to echo shortcode in the template, here is the smallest code for it:

6. To Register the Menu

Registering menu on the Wordpress website is something many webmasters are eyeing. Instead of looking for a plugin for the same, here is a code that you can use:

function register_my_menus() {
      'header-menu' => __( 'Header Menu' ),
      'extra-menu' => __( 'Extra Menu' )
add_action( 'init', 'register_my_menus' );

7. For the If Have Posts, While Have Posts, The Post for Extracting Database Content

The following code snippet is perfect when you need to extract some content from the database:

8. For Arranging the Content in Vertical Order

When you want the content to look organized and free of clutter, aligning it vertically serves the perpose just right. Here is the code for the same:

.element {
  position: relative;
  transform: translateY(-50%);
  top: 50%;

9. Disable the Automatic Update of Plugins

while there is no doubt over the fact that we should continually update our Wordpress theme and all the plugins, but there is a flip side to it. Many times, updates lead to certain uninvited errors ad put our website in a fix.

Thus, it is better to keep the rein in our hands and disable the updates from happening automatically:

add_filter('site_transient_update_plugins', 'dd_remove_update_nag');
function dd_remove_update_nag($value) {
 unset($value->response[ plugin_basename(__FILE__) ]);
 return $value;

10. Displaying Notifications on Dashboard

There are several occasions when you wish to have a feature that displays some notifications or messages on the dashboard. Here is the code for the same:

function showMessage($message, $errormsg = false){
    if ($errormsg) {
        echo '
‘; } else { echo ‘
‘; } echo “$message
“; } function showAdminMessages() { showMessage(“YOUR MESSAGE HERE”, true); if (user_can(‘manage_options’) { showMessage(“Hello admins!”); } } add_action(‘admin_notices’, ‘showAdminMessages’);

These 10 snippets cover a host of facets and functions you can add to your Wordpress website. Do let us know if you find these useful for your website.

About the Author: Amanda Cline is a dedicated PHP developer for hire & she is currently serving as a senior most developer with Xicom Technologies Ltd. You can hire her for successful execution of varied web development projects, both simple as well as complex ones. Get in touch with her via Twitter or Google+.

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