May 31, 2012

40 Best Flash Websites

It makes sense to also design, optimization, and take care of the texts. If you view certain sections of the project, it is not always a sufficient number of publications - this will be corrected. Today we continue the theme flash sites, started in the previous article, Adobe Flash for the beginner with some basic capabilities oapisyvalis technology, its advantages and disadvantages. In one of the items I gave several examples of flash sites, but they certainly were not enough to fully understand just how Flash can be steep. So I suggest you the best selection of mega-awesome flash sites in 2010.

In this list were selected the 40 best sites for premium TheFWA (The favourite website awards) from the different categories. Here you will find different sites as flash web studios, online gaming projects, personal and commercial. One of them called the best site of the month, while others have won awards the best Flash sites of the day, but it is, in fact, it does not matter - certainly there are very cool projects. You can enjoy and be inspired to begin studying flash :)

A. Amazing world of Nespresso Variations (site of the month for December). This is definitely one of the best flash work I have ever seen - all perfected in every detail, the world came up with one-piece, with lots of nuances, there is a mini game on the site, different location, lots of beautiful graphics and music.

best flash websites

Two. Noel, WHERE is My Intel? Frankly, at this site there is little understood, there are funny moments, but overall nothing special.

Intel flash site

Three. Swedish Armed Forces Recruit . That's how the army recruited in Sweden, if I understand correctly. Sorry, but no webcam is nothing special to see (the site of the month for November)

lushy flash website 2010

Four. Amazing Friendz Fascinating though simple flash toy from French developers.

flash game online

Five. Mo `s wanted . That is a reality show, or mini-site to collect donations for the group of guys, more happy style, and graphic design rather than flash.

best flash websites

6. For Colored Girls - Emotions in Color website for the movie, an interesting and novel as a flash implementation, and design work.

examples of flash sites

Seven. An interactive experience Celebrating Claude Mone t. (Site of the month for October) - certainly deserves this title because the internet made ​​the project a very high quality, there are many elements, beautiful flush transitions between pages, sense of style and idea.

best flash sites

Eight. Driven by Technology Minimum content presented with more interesting than the texts themselves and graphics (I advise to take a look, a cool flash site).

The original flash site

Nine. What `s your Real Age? This funny character is to determine your "real age" as he says, sorry, that all the voice in the Brazilian, it is necessary to read.

An interactive flash site

10. The Wilderness Downtown (site of the month for September) - uploaded my whole cent, or that he could, he "creates" a video about your city, using Google Street View - quite original, but it is very demanding on the resources (recommend using guglohrom)

tech flash website 2010

11. 31fps interactive perception of music in a variety of shapes, forms and graphics, etc. - May not be bright looks, but the implementation process was worth much effort.

The original flash site

12. Plus 360 degrees . Something related to 3D, but generally not impressed.

Flash site with 3d elements

13. The Perrier Mansion (site of the month in August) So far, the most chic collection of flash website - not every day you can wander through the mansion in the company of such an interesting lady (yes, by the way, the site is 18 + :)

chic and stylish flash site

14. Heads or Tails SoBe looks like some sort of online share (the game), where it was necessary to find a message under the lid vyigrashnoe, made ​​with high quality and bright.

a bright flash site

15. JKVC beautiful and colorful site design studio.

beautiful site Web Studios

16. Battle of the Cheetos . (Site in July) - full flash online game where you control your "Cheetos-army" and the fight against rivals for the right to rule the Internet, in terms of gameplay done qualitatively!

online flash game

17. Thingdom created to help children explore genetics - also something like a game, I pobarahtalsya 5 minutes there, but little understood) appears on the principle on Spore.

The original flash large selection of 2010

18. Party & Exhibition 2010 . Korean guys went to some show-party web site contains interactive video of the event, in principle a good idea.

Flash video website

19. Weber Design Lab . Creative Flash Web site of the studio (as far as it can be called creativity in such a solid collection), is simple and tasteful.

flash site web studio

20. An Encounter with Greatness (website June) - brought together so Pele, Maradona and Zidane to play foosball but to talk about life. The natural site with epic shots.

stylish flash site

21. The Card Chest . Tools for creating a Christmas greeting cards online, you can completely customize the sign and, as I understand it, send in reality (but paid).

best flash websites

22. Parade Is twitter visualization - enter a keyword and get a parade of avatar profiles

Flash visualization of Twitter

23. Lexus Dark Ride . The interactive site, a movie where you play a major role (the best flash website in May)

an interactive flash video site

24. California - The Game This game is designed to promote tourism in California, unfortunately now it will not play.

flash game online

25. Lollipop Project 2 . It looks like a page of a fan of Asian fashion and glamor artist or group, a bright and beautiful.

a bright flash site

26. BMW Cinetique . BMW presents the fifth series (the site in April). Stuck in the picture is in my 3d printer, in general, you can see some finished objects, or create your own.

Flash website bmw

27. Start the Change . Unfortunately the site is not available, the picture clearly :)

best flash websites 2010

28. Johannes Leonardo `s Philosophy . Looks like a web page to the studio, easy navigation, from the customers they have Google? - Cool :)

Flash Web Site Studio

29. Bank Run Game (the best flash website in March 2010) - another interactive game where you are the protagonist, is very exciting.

flash interactive game

30. Hands Symphony . Music performed by means of hands, nothing more is understood.

The original flash site

31. innovative store to buy posters - you can choose to paint them, then see how the interior will look and order.


32. Wrangler Blue Bell Spring-Summer (the site of February) - a really cool flash site, I remember back then sent a link to it, it is interesting to control the main character :)

Creative Flash Website

33. We are all Fans . The site aggregator of social media files (photos, tweets), which turned into portraits of performers - looks really cool.

Social flash site

34. NUTCASE . The famous extreme athletes from the Czech Republic - I can not say that much impressed.

Sports flash site

35. Verbatim Championship . The battle between the robots online, where you create and manage (the best flash website in January)

The original flash site

36. We Choose the moon . Reconstruction of the Apollo 11 mission of the expedition to the moon in real time (the site of the year 2009 and for good reason). Incidentally, I wrote about it in the paper, popular sites about space on the Vebdvanolnyh notes.

the best flash website 2009

37. Labuat . Interactive music video where you can click to create their own patterns and draw the music (Audience Award 2009) - super flash website!

coolest flash sites

38. The Impossible Hoop Challenge - some uncomplicated game of flash.

flash game

39. RIZ MC Microscope lab - whether the site of, or xs, in the style of science fiction and research in secret laboratories.

The original flash site

40. Market Mall Santa Tracker - Santa's website, where you can leave requests, monitor how much is left before Christmas and read a variety of information, beautiful and festive.

Christmas flash site

That's a rather big collection of the best turned out flash sites, 2010, for the selection thanks to the author of this article . Each of the above web project has some specific features and advantages that have allowed to be listed here. Some of them can boast the original functional solutions and ideas, and somewhere in the first place there is graphic design, and someone decided to take the style and atmosphere. Some of the sites is simply not impressive, it is difficult to imagine how much work and labor invested in them. After these selections you realize how cool flash technology and in some cases irreplaceable.


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