May 31, 2012

Best Free Open Source Fonts for Designers

 I found recently on the Internet an interesting article about fonts - The top 10 Open source Web Fonts , where the author presented a very cool collection of totally free fonts that you can use for their sites. But the essence of the notes not only that, a couple of times in the text is repeated a certain revolution @ font-face. And it really is, what are the fonts in the Web `s about 5 years ago and now does not compare. First, it used to be nice to find a cool and with a free font (not a license to use does not count) for the site. But today the situation is changing for the better - a unique (up to a certain extent) and free (licensed open source) the font is no longer a rarity. Moreover, for many expensive fonts can be found excellent, and most importantly free replacement that is not how it is inferior to analog.

Secondly, I remember very surprised that the Web `s are very stringent restrictions on the font used on the site - a couple of standard and all. Time is now same the application of of original of elements, of non-standard, vivid, of creative is considered to be now very good, a tone of. Typography in the internet has become more unchained, interesting and freewoman. Is not it a revolution? The article below will find 10 good fonts that can be a decoration on your site.

The Fell Types

Fonts The Fell Types from the author of Igino Marini (Igino Marini) look simply more tremendous. If you believe the description, they are based on the actual original fonts from manuscripts of the 17th century. The author has studied the structure, gathered together all the work and made ​​a full font that will rescue you when you need to beat some "classic" theme in the design of the site.

font The Fell Types

Open Baskerville

OpenBaskerville - a font based on the original Baskerville (more precisely on the font Fry's Baskerville). It features versatility, and this has earned popularity. Open Baskerville - a great alternative to the original. The font has a dual license - Open Font License and the GNU GPL version 3.

the font Open Baskerville

Josefin Sans

JosefinSans - elegant and refined ideal font for headings. Based on known font Kabel, Memphis, Futura and other fonts of the "European School". The designer - Santiago Orozco. This set has a lot of different styles and options to use, making it very flexible to work with.

Josefin Sans font

Open Sans

OpenSans - another font from the collection of Google Web Fonts. Designed by Steve Matteson (Steve Matteson).Differs by the fact that contains a full a set of of 897 of symbols (in the including of Cyrillic); therefore, is very flexible in the application of and his must have a in his collection every self-respecting designer! It also has many options of styles with different weight.

the font Open Sans


Gravitas - massive and heavy font refers to the era of industrial revolution in Britain. Perfect for posters and promotional titles. The letters are well worked out, it looks great.

font Gravitas


Jura - slightly futuristic euro-font (meaning in the tradition of European design.) Based on the well-known classic font Eurostile, but at the same time has its own character.

font Jura

League Gothic

LeagueGothic - essentially an open source-version of the legendary font Alternate Gothic № 1, developed by ATF (American Type Founders) in 1903, but contains original elements. Fans of Gothic font download required!

League Gothic font


Orbitron - a font that is ideal not only for the "space of interfaces." This stylish font can be found many other applications, the benefit of the "complete", there are four "weight» - light, medium, bold and black.

Orbitron font


Chunk - imitation of wood-carving. The font is very rich and heavy, so it can be safely used, for example, the headlines.

Font Chunk

Ostrich Sans

OstrichSans - very nice and modern sans serif font. Characterized by a wide diapazom Inscription - Ultra light, Normal, Bold, Black, Rounded (medium), and even Dashed (thin) - intermittent "to the point."

the font Ostrich Sans

By the way, many other interesting fonts can be found on the Google Web Fonts, one has only to look good! The project started a year ago, and now it is full of interesting fonts that can be quickly and easily connect to your site.This is one of the elements of the "revolution", which was mentioned earlier in this article.


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