May 31, 2012

Free Icons Sets High Quality

Icons of the highest quality are never superfluous, so once again I see no reason to hide from your eyes are causing excitement sets. As a rule, these archives are not many icons themselves, but because each of them requires a very large study in terms of details. Also, due to high quality, these icons can be used not only as an example, thumbnail images for the sections, and illustrations in full design blog , or website.

IsoIcons Workspace

quality icons

Download ~ 500KB / / Source

IsoIcons - a set of isometric icons in the format of 128x128 pixels. The main motive of a set is indicated in its title - "workspace". Therefore, you will find all the images associated with this concept - whether it be a laptop, desk chair, table, tablet PC or mac. The icons you see, well designed and look great. Image formats PNG, take not so much.

This is ART 2

icons of high quality

Download ~ 7 MB / / Source

ThisisART 2 - a collection of 12 icons is very decent size 512x512 pixels. Impressive quality and level of detail icons. The format of icons -. Ico or. Icns. Subjects of image data - everything related to art, photography, design and film. The set is well suited for personal blog / website designer or even a studio - there koddinga concepts, web design, advertising, illustrations, etc. Very, very nice set of icons.

PS According to the latest government regulations need to use corrective invoices in order to fix the main invoice.


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