May 31, 2012

Free Menus/Navigation PSD files Download

Each site basically consists of a number of important and required element, without which it is difficult to imagine a webpage. I remember once, long ago told our new novice designer in a studio that is sure to be on the site, how and why to use, etc. Menu - by far one of the key - without the navigation is extremely difficult to do. Those who take risks to do it, get very specific, but not much "usability" layouts. In general, no menu, the site is difficult to imagine themselves in the implementation of the menu are varied. I suggest you two interesting PSD file menu.

The menu in Apple style

psd files menu

Download / / Source

To begin with a simple menu, but very stylish and "clean" with no extra effects - 3 different color schemes carried out in shades of gray. A dedicated button for a link to "Home" + block the search for each menu item is the style when you hover mouse on it. As used font Lucida Sans. This PSD file size is 600 × 400 pixels and weighs 408 KB.

Free PSD files menu

psd source site menu

Download / / Source

Here is a hefty set of menus in PSD - a godsend for web designers. So many different designs of the navigation controls in the same place I had not seen. I think many will agree with me. Judging by first impressions, all the menus provided in the kit - multi-level: somewhere it is implemented as a sub, somewhere in the form of a drop-down list. This PSD source, in fact, allows you to create virtually any menu in accordance with their wishes - colors, fonts, shapes and shadows - all can be changed. Set just have to be in the bins of any web developer and designer.


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