May 31, 2012

Where and how can the designer make money online

At the present time is not so easy to find a suitable and well-paid job, even knowing, versed man. Crisis and inhibits any other nonsense, some unemployment in the area of ​​design is inherent in many cities away from the capital, which is not on the internet. After all, the Internet, with some good skills, you can always make money no matter where you live .. If you have studied and know how to use image editors (photoshop, illustrator, etc.) then you have every chance to gain a foothold in the market of web design and earn good money at the same time.

After analyzing all the possible ways to income, you can stay on the following three are:

  • manufacturing sites, banners, icons for sale;
  • to go into the studio web-design, or arrange for its;
  • work for themselves.

All these ways of earning differ radically from each other and require different levels of knowledge in the field of work. Remains unchanged but the desire for self-learning and to achieve their goals. Thus, we proceed to detailed consideration of each of the ways to earn.

A. Create a site design , banners, icons, painting for sale. This way of getting money is the easiest and does not require much knowledge of the intricacies of professional web-designer. But far from being the most profitable. To do this will be useful only good knowledge of Photoshop and Flash. However, demand for this type of service is quite low, and all niches are already occupied by people who are doing it for years. So do not expect you to tumble down to the crowd of potential employers.

Alternatively, you can combine design and html coding layouts for websites. But for this skill, "drawing" is not enough. You will need to master at least partially html, css, javascript, and possibly some other programming languages ​​that will be required to create a full website layout. Many web-designers and arrive. This form of earnings paid more, and the chance that you will find a job later. But, of course, you can not do without a portfolio, because large orders often accrue to the people tested. So, you may have some time to work "idle".

Two. to get a job in web-studio, or to organize their own. It's not as simple as it seems at first glance. Typically, these studios have strict requirements: Higher education, experience, knowledge of a perfect image editors, and this is just basic. Even if you find a job, not a fact, it will take you. If you still have a job, try to perform all tasks on time and with maximum efficiency, as your place is claimed by many.

The second option is to open his own studio web-design. To do this you need freelancers who will be looking for customers and create layouts. Naturally, all they need to pay. In addition, you need to make your own website, which should look presentable, because that person is your studio. The method is even more difficult the first - as the head of the activity is not so simple. It would seem that complicated - find freelancers on similar sites found orders, agreed on all the nuances and gave the work its employees. In theory it is, of course, everything went smoothly, but in fact there is a lot of little things and details - inexperienced freelancers, bad customers, delays in operation, etc. If you do not have any knowledge, with the creation of the studio is best avoided.

3. If for the time you spent looking for work in the studio, or on a well-paid for in orders, did not find anything worthwhile, it will be your lifeline to the work itself. In order to start earning good money on the internet you will need to create a website. All you can do with their hands: icons, icons, layouts, banners, reklamki, fonts, all of this is placed freely available on its website, because people are constantly looking for such material for their sites, but pay for them do not want.

And you in turn will be able to cash in on the people themselves, rather than on their attendance. You can install klikandery, affiliate, advertising on Google or Yandex, if lucky, and somebody else's ads or banner. In addition, the sale of options has not been canceled, but to engage in such earnings, it is necessary to pump your website. TIC 10 is quite enough to get your site accepted in exchange links. And this is the most difficult TIC, then they will grow faster if you actively promote your site, and therefore, together with TITsem will grow and your earnings.

This is, perhaps, all so that you have food for thought. Aspire, Achieve, Earn!

PS What I can add on the basis of personal experience. The methods mentioned in principle correct, but it seemed to me a little bit chaotic. So before you do something right from the start to sit down and think - 1) what you have skills and knowledge, 2) what exactly would you like to do - because the "studio" and the Internet is already earning a little bit far from things classic design. If no special knowledge, then, of course, learning the basics of forward - this image editors , and layout (which is useful).

If you can not find a job web designer at the firm (either remotely or permanently), then do not worry, the different positions and proposals can also be found on the stock exchanges and specialized forums, freelancing, starting and finishing orders less full site design. At the same urge to have a website - where not only publish some icons, fonts, and upload their work. Anyway you can in the process of personal site to hone specific skills, and apply the design and layout - will be the first major project in your portfolio that you can live to see and appreciate. Good luck to you!

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