June 27, 2012

5 Factors that Affect a Designers Creativity

Everyone is creative in their own special way. Most of the time, though, we especially assign the word ‘creativity’ to people with a gift in the visual arts. When you consider graphic designers, for example, they seem to have no limits to their creativity. It just seems to be one creative work after another for them. In reality, graphic designers are much like the rest of the world. They also have mental blocks from time to time that keep them from being creative.
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June 24, 2012

Examples of Perfect Landing Page Design or Tips

Perfect Landing Page Design

Landing pages are one of the most important key to the business and its product or services, yet while creating the landing page most of the times companies don’t create effective landing page. There are numerous landing page example available online, to get tips and guidelines to create good landing page inspiration example.

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June 12, 2012

Why Thesis is the Best Wordpress Theme

Many people have made a big deal about the Thesis Wordpress theme ever since it came out. While there is a lot of hype, many people aren’t thrilled about spending $87 for a personal license. At the same time, Thesis has some real advantages over many other premium themes. It really is the best theme out there.
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June 3, 2012

New Beautiful Free WordPress Themes

Today I want to share with you a pleasant discovery - new beautiful WordPress themes (themes) for the blog.For a couple of years of work on the internet I had to deal with different content management systems. Some touched only superficially (as, for example, made ​​two stores on the vamshop , the other had a long

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Creating the Windows 7 Wallpaper for your Desktop

Probably not in this world no ITshnika who has not heard of the release of Windows 7, many have even managed to set it as your home Windows. I myself am in the process of installation - recently bought a new hard drive, 2 cooler for the body and found I needed the distribution of Windows 7. What is missing is time to take off everything and work

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Winter Wallpaper and Pictures

Winter - also one of the most beautiful and cold then, possibly, in the contrast of its charm and appeal. The winter period is not just a blizzard, blizzards and snowfalls (which can cast a spell), even a hot chocolate, snowboards and skis, Christmas holidays, and only what is happiness and fun for the kids, I think, no need to talk. 

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New Custom Free Wordpress Themes

Surf on the internet in search for a new wordpress themes blog, I got a rather interesting collection of designs.Periodically, one has to look patterns, but these I have not seen - demonstrates a creative approach to displaying content, another shocking variegated color, and the third is ideal for design blog. Which of the following

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Beautiful Free Gothic Fonts

Long time no blog publishing, where you can download something. It is time to correct this tradition, the more that I have found the right material. It's about fonts, but rather a gothic font. There is something in them, "such things" - an ancient and mystical, and in a good and competent use can be achieved simply stunning effects.

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How to Create Favicon (ico file)

Site without favicon (favicon), as a ship without a flag. Favicon - an integral part of the brand site, its image and identity. By the way, look for the issuance of any search engine (such as Yandex). You will definitely find a number of titles found pages and documents favicon. That is, favicon, it is also a factor

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Online Free Vector Graphics Editor

Do you know how to draw a vector line Apple iPad? No? Most likely you do not even know that there is such a powerful on-line vector graphics editor of Aviary's -Raven ! Online applications are constantly evolving, because today they can achieve a good result. Before moving on to the review of this application, I would like to see that developers mougt Aviary boasts not only the product. On this site you can find a collection of useful online services for designers and graphics, which I once wrote in one of his blogs. In addition to online vector graphics editor can find the usual graphic editor, tools for creating effects, working with palettes, and screenshots.

But back to our Raven and Apple iPad - not to be unfounded, the tablet will give an example, drawn with the help of Raven:

draw the Apple iPad

In fact, even today this illustration - not an easy task for an untrained person, even if his hand is CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator, to say nothing of a web application? But, as you see at the moment it is quite doable task.Moreover, the site Aviary, a simple tutorial, you will learn how to even. But let us still closer look at the editor!

Interfeyc Raven is not as complicated as those mentioned above, CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator, so the application can be considered even as a testing ground for the study of vector graphics:

online vector editor

Of course, the functional to full vector graphics editor application that far. But do not forget that this is a online service which, by the way supports even things like layers and blend modes (Blend mode).

Complete engine "curves." Working with curves, fills, strokes, gradients and objects is realized at a fairly advanced level (of course, not as in CorelDraw or Illustrator, but still);

Supports layers. It supports layers, groups, layers, layer masks;

"Import" from the popular social services. Import from Flickr, Picasa and Facebook;

The training system through the tutorials. While they certainly are not enough, but to all appearances their number will keep growing.

In short, Raven - a very neat and functional online editor of vector graphics. If you do it, I advise you to look necessarily. Finally I bring to your attention a little video about how to create a small vector image using Raven:

In principle, any online applications are not yet able to completely replace the desktop solution, but due to their mobility can compete with them in certain situations.

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Fractal Free Brushes for Photoshop

You know what a fractal? Before interest, I had a vague idea. In general, represented, but ask me to explain - hardly could be. It turned out a fractal is a geometric figure is self-similar (each smaller part of such an overall figure). Definition is not very clear, therefore, it is better to see once than hear a hundred times. Today I have in store for you some great sets of fractal brushes, which will be useful in the household:

3D Fractals

Fractal Photoshop Brush

Download ( mirror ) ~ 7,7 Mb / Source

In a set of 3D Fractals are 12, including a large (diameter up to 1950 pixels), brushes for photoshop.

Abstract Fractal

fractal photoshop

Download ( mirror ) ~ 7,8 Mb / Source

In a set of Abstract Fractal, is the same 12 brushes. Compatibility - Photoshop 7 and above. As can be seen even on the preview image, the brush can add a very cool effects in the overall appearance of your web project.

02 Fractal Brushes

photoshop brushes

Download ( mirror ) ~ 6,6 Mb / Source

The set includes 18 brushes created for Photoshop CS2 and higher. Resolution ranges from 800 - 1100 pixels.

In addition to "open" fractals presented above, there is a "closed", "concentric" (this is not common terminalogiya, this is how I call them). Brushes (and sets) with fractal shapes as there are, here are two excellent examples:

Circular Fractal Pack 1

Photoshop brush set

Download ( mirror ) ~ 27,5 Mb / Source

This set includes 15 fractal brushes for Photoshop at high resolution. Download and try to put into practice, judging from the preview should get something interesting. Of course, a separate small brush apply, but in conjunction with other design elements you can get a pretty picture.

Circular Fractal Pack 2

Fractal Brushes

Download ( mirror ) ~ 20,5 Mb / Source

Continuation of Circular Fractal Pack. Like its predecessor contains 15 brushes.

Fractal Brush must be in the arsenal of any designer. Because only by mere fractal brushes you can create a great abstract bekgraund. In a word - Mast keV! In addition, data sets of brushes can add the original light effects on the site that looks quite nice. "Weigh" of course, a lot of files, but it's definitely worth it.

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20 Beautiful Contact forms for Inspiration

It just so happened that the design contact forms, usually highly do not break my head. Well there is some text fields - the "theme", "from whom» (e-mail), but a form of communication, what do you need? Like anything, but now is not the beginning of the 90s. For a long time no details! Every element, every detail has been actively playing on the image of the site (hence the company), attracts the attention of the reader (consumer or buyer), so now the situation is slowly changing.

Pioneers have always been design agencies, which are traditionally the first to offer something conceptual, innovative. They were beginning to catch up with the rest, there is a trend. Thus, it is now not uncommon sites where contact form is becoming a real "history" or "adventure", and that is the most interesting (or comfortable) place on the site.

I have prepared for you a few examples with a nice contact forms for inspiration for the original selection thanks to the authors of this article :

Frankly, even I (not a web designer) have the desire to embellish or create an equally original page with the contact form. Especially liked the options, where except for the contact form is a summary of the site (the author), as well as links to social services.

Hopefully, this beautiful collection of contact forms stimulated your imagination and you were some interesting ideas about their own contact form. In RuNet there is little creative examples like (maybe I'm wrong and you correct me?), You have all chances to become one of the first!

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9 Tips on Typography Site

Typography for the Web site - quite an important design element, which is expressed in runet somehow not very much. This question is often raised in the English-speaking foreign design blogs, we have virtually no attention is paid to him. No, of course when you create the layout, most designers think of the site typography - fonts, design, but it is very modest and small. Because, probably, in runet can count on one hand the number of projects with a bright and creative custom typography, more than the standard dull "gray" design: (Maybe that's why Dmitry Naumov decided to share an interesting guest post about typography. Dima in combination, by the way, is author of a very useful project Converlab - "Design. Usability. Conversion." So, 9 boards typography Web site:

A. The choice of font

The choice of font depends a great deal. Type design determines the mood passes 'character', and indeed has a strong influence on perception. Choose the font that matches the style and concept of your site. For example, a "traditional" design goes a traditional serif font like Times Roman, for the "modern" design can go sans serif font - Arial or Helvetica;

Two. Font Size

Particularly important is the font size of the main body of the text. Title (subtitles) can be grotesquely large and clunky, but the main text should be comfortable, which is possible only if the optimal size. This is usually 12-16 px;


Three. The set of styles

The font should not be monotonous, gray mass is not nice to read. Develop a system of styles for headings and subheadings (H1, H2, H3, etc.), quotes the main text and the like. Use a different font sizes, options for the mark, perhaps to contrast these to use another font (especially for headlines or quotes);

4. Emphasis

Important places in the text must be allocated - bold or italic. The main thing is not to overdo it. Focus on that and he later emphasized that the dosage should be used;

Typography site

Five. Column Width

In traditional typography great attention is paid to the width of the column, for this reason that the text is divided into columns in newspapers and magazines. If the string is too long to read it is not convenient. Because you have to look too far to translate from the end of one line to the next. Short Line is also not good. The optimal length of the string is in the range 70-140 marks;

6. Leading (Leading)

Leading (Leading) - the distance between rows. If it is small, it affects the readability. Too big, too, Leading promises nothing good. In general cases, you will probably be the best spacing for 2-4 points more than the size of the font;

7. The general structure of the page

Ideally the page should be used a single grid. Thus it is possible to achieve a harmonious form of the whole site.Try to use common rules and styles (which you have come up with) on the whole site;

Eight. Color and contrast

The text should be readable, so he must be a contrast. It is better to use the classic black and white decision, it has the best possible combination of contrast, so the most convenient for reading. The remaining combinations to be tried with caution otherwise you risk to make one of the common mistakes of web design .

9. White space

White space - it is not void, but an important design element. It should not be too closely to mold elements, always leave a little "air". Thus it is possible to achieve a clean, light, nice design.


First of all, thanks for the post of Dime. All told briefly and in substance, in fact, develop the theme can be infinite for each item. I think part of the answers can be found on its website Converlab . Also, on my own I wanted to add that if you really decided to do something, "such things" in terms of typography site, you would be advised to view the work of the various collections on the Internet with the original decisions. This is very inspiring, but also contributes to the emergence of creative ideas.

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Free Pattern and Texture Resources for Website

Seamless textures and patterns are sometimes the best fit for the role of the background image for the site.Pompous classic designs are needed, perhaps not so often, but if required by design concept, will be an excellent choice. There are some topics of sites where such a classical background will add sophistication and style to emphasize the overall design. There must, of course, be able to use any texture in the right place at the right time, they are not always able to settle down.

So you do not dig and search for such classic patterns and textures when they need you, I've decided now prepared a small selection. In general, the classic of course, is not quite correct to call. This definition is too rough, because of patterns presented below, there are barrochnye, and antique and gothic. Despite the fact that they are different styles, I decided that it is possible to combine them into one group. By the way, for simplicity and convenience, I combined all the texture of the post in an archive that can be downloaded here ( mirror ) ~ 2,4 Mb.

Thus, the classical patterns and textures for a site:

Hand-Drawn Scrolls

texture for the site

Hand-Drawn Scrolls

Antique Engraved

Patterns and Textures

Antique Engraved

Charcoal Demask

classical patterns

Charcoal Demask

Sample Damask

Classic designs for the site

Sample Damask

Grim Lady Patterns

texture for the site

Grim Lady Patterns

(in the set are 4 different patterns)

The application of these patterns I think the big work for you not to be. Some of the patterns is represented in the archive as a "fusion" in the. Png pattern, and the "source code" (usually a vector eps), so you can even make changes or alter the file (if you can have the skills and desire) . Use these classic textures and patterns can be for personal, private and commercial projects.

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50 Free Hand Drawn Icons set (Social Media)

In design, there are various techniques to create images for websites, including icons. The application of each of them is due to the overall styling of the project - whether it's high-tech styling, or "antique". In the design of Mania can find examples of different styles, today we'll discuss the icons painted by hand. They are perfect for certain types of projects, some altogether indispensable. In any case, in some cases they will be more preferable than the overexposed all the icons in the "candy" or "veb2nolnom" style. In this regard, I offer you a nice set of five hand-drawn icons. I think that is something you probably will like:

Artistica Icon Set

hand-painted icons for the site

Download ( mirror ) ~ 7 Mb / / Source

Artistica Icon Set - a great set, consisting of 60 different hand-drawn icons that are designed studio Rabotilnica.Icons very different directions, sizes from 24x24 up to 256x256 pixels, they are very carefully designed and executed just the highest quality. There are icons formats PNG, Ico, and for Mac (2 can be found on the website designers). By the way, for commercial use of cartoon icons will have to pay for personal purposes such as no limits.

Sketch'd up!

hand-painted icons

Download ( mirror ) ~ 6 Mb / / Source

Sketch'd up! - Another one giant set, which includes social icons, info-icon, icons, wallpapers and much more. The format of icons - vector EPS so you have to prepare the final files themselves. The set presents 99 icons.

ColorStroked Freehand Icon Set

download the drawing icons

Download ( mirror ) ~ 1 Mb / / Source

ColorStroked Freehand Icon Set - contains 29 animated icons in format PNG. Resolution of 150x150 pixel icons.Social icons, so the focus is primarily on the bloggers / webmasters. Performance is very nice, something like the shaded icons.

Social Icons Hand Drawn

hand-drawn icons

Download ( mirror ) ~ 900 kb / / Source

Social Icons Hand Drawn - a set that contains 18 icons, hand-drawn, for the popular social services (Twitter, Facebook, Digg, etc.), as well as the previous set, may well be suitable for your blog. In a set of typical dimensions are different from 24x24 up to 64x64 pixels.


painted icons

Download ( mirror ) = b, 4 Mb / / Source

Handy - qualities of icons in high resolution (256x256 pixels), perfectly suited for blogs because they contain mostly social icons, like Facebook, Digg and more. The kit includes a vector sources, so you may want to modify something to your liking.

I hope these sets of hand-drawn icons, you will definitely come in handy! A couple of icons can be a very fit seamlessly into their websites and blogs.

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Six Basic Steps of Site Development

I was here recently in the comments said that some positions do not correspond to the format of the blog, which is positioned just a useful resource for web designers. If you want a competent and professional approach to the process of developing store websites, it is necessary to need good ecommerce hosting for best performance of site. On the one hand, it is really a lot of attention paid to the graphical editor, for example, photoshop, but on the other - this is also part of the work, and no small. However, today decided to publish a post that would be willing to partially satisfy the read something about creating websites. In this case a web design, I decided not to limit, and consider more broadly.

If you want a competent and professional approach to the process of developing websites, it is necessary to take into account all the details and carefully consider all stages of the project . In this case, nothing can be overlooked, even though developers are often guilty of this. As for the "stages of creation," then perhaps they can each have their own, that depends on who and how used to work. Nevertheless, there is a list of common (recommended) items that it would be desirable to perform. In any case it is useful to define for itself a clear structured plan to ensure that no detail is not overlooked.

Typically, a workflow on a project is as follows:

  • The study of the issue;
  • Design, concept development;
  • Design;
  • Create a site;
  • Launching the site;
  • Support for the site;

As a source of inspiration was used by this article . Let's look at each step in detail.


"Why learn something?" - You ask - "we are enough experienced people." In fact, this is one of the most important steps. You may be an experienced developer but nothing has been understood in a "women's shoes," which will be dedicated to the site. Therefore, before proceeding to phase development of the site you must have an understanding of the subject and the subject site which will be dedicated. Not that the need to delve into all the details of this niche, explore a variety of models of women's shoes, simply estimate the basic features and nuances of the subject area.

When you're designing a site for a client, take as much time as the initial communication with the client. Need to know about the goals and objectives, timelines, target audience, the proposed budget and other matters. Get as much information. At the end of this stage you should have a clear understanding of what is required of you. This difficult task can help you such a thing as a "brief." This is something like a list of standard questions on the future of the project, where you can learn the preferences and wishes of the customer. Of course, "Brief for the development of the site" will not replace personal contact with the client, but can be used in the initial stages of cooperation - straighten it by mail, or to make a survey over the phone. In the "brief" can include various issues - from the audience of the project, the proposed budget to personal preference in design and functionality of the site.

The overall design, layout

Once you have decided on the goals and objectives, you can begin to develop a basic layout . This phase can start by visiting competitors' sites. Surely someone has done something similar to you. Therefore, the first task - to study the best examples of sites on the same (or similar subject) and note for themselves the advantages and disadvantages of each. Given the experience of competitors, you can proceed to breynshtormu in which you need to determine the overall design concept, the basic elements, colors, fonts and so on. Do not forget at the same time, of course, and the wishes of the customer.

The last stage of the design - a sketch of the framework. It can be done on paper, by using special programs and services. If you're working with a client, be sure to confirm the layout of your base before you move on. In principle, in my practice, I saw that "the basic outline of the layout" is not always approved. An exception may be considered a design of logos, where it is important to understand just which direction to go. But as for the design of sites, not all customers can understand something from scratch is usually determined by the basic site structure, layout and color blocks. Although to some extent, it can be considered a "sketch" :)

Site Design

design development siteIt's time to "build on our frame of meat." Many designers and developers are just beginning to this stage, ignoring the "study questions" and "layout". In my opinion this is not entirely wrong, rather, that the preparatory steps you will work much easier and more efficient - all the basic questions and decide for yourself the details before, but now concentrating on building design. Thus, studying the subject and having passed through the stage of creating a simplified layout, you have pre-determine the content and then do not miss anything of the kind. Design - this stage of the determination of the shape in which you clothe your content, it details the layout.

Typically, such a design is created in Photoshop or another image editing program. The finished design should virtually match the final product (the elements, colors, images, fonts), except that the text can be inserted until the staging. It should be remembered that the design development includes not only the main page, you must also develop a sub, and maybe "alternate versions" for mobile devices, or any other special purposes.

Always confirm the finished design with the customer before continuing to the next step. Then go back and redo it will be harder (more time consuming). Be sure to pay attention to this nuance of the customer - imagine yourself that you have completed all work on the coding or installing the cms, but here the client suddenly changed his mind about the design. This, of course, it happens, but it should be to minimize risk.

Created by

At this stage we need a "picture" (detailed design) to make a living site. This stage is different from the webmaster varies considerably. It all depends on how, on what basis and for what CMS (if any) you write the code.Experienced artists are usually already have a pre-made "blanks» HTML / CSS, so after "cutting" the necessary elements in Photoshop, the process may take a markup is not too much time. Do not forget in this beautiful andcorrect HTML layout .

After writing, debugging, testing in different browsers, validation and error correction, you can proceed to the next step. Incidentally, after this stage I personally also give the result of the customer for approval, if the site is developed on the cms typo3 where you want to connect (to adapt) the generated HTML in the admin. If we talk about wordpress , then there is probably better to create a template without the "pre-layout".

Launch Site

If your site is perfect, "tweaked", and all works perfectly like it, you can finally publish it. Do not forget to check out all the good (good to have on this case prestart checklist), after the upload to the hosting site via ftp, once carefully all potestiruyte. In principle, you can do immediately to create the site hosting - in this case, first, do not have to "relocation site" from the local machine, and secondly, all tested in the real in the real world (and host settings), in- Third, the customer can monitor the process performance.

Site Support

It is not in the literal sense of the word stage of development, but to resolve the issue of support and further development costs in advance - will you address this issue, or the customer will be able to do everything himself.In addition, after the date of the site, developed by a management system (CMS) should provide the client with documentation on working with her, or a little training.

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Grange (grunge) texture for the site and design

Genre Grunge (grunge) at webmasters in a fashion quite a long time. Grange has replaced the candy, geometrically correct and sterile Web 2.0, and in many ways is its antagonist. Chaos (within certain limits) instead of the order (again, relative), muted colors instead of bright dirty and clean, messy texture - these are the distinguishing features of grunge.

It is believed that the style of grunge in web design (as well as design in general, clothing, etc.) is part of a subculture in which life is breathed music bands - Nirvana, Pearl Jam and prior Stooges or King Crimson. Web design is difficult to associate something with music or clothing (worn, overwritten odezha of sekondhenda), but the basic one - ostentatious carelessness and negligence (which apparently symbolizes anarchism?).

This does not mean bad repellent design. With skillful use of a style, web-sites of the grunge look is excellent.Because the meaning of grunge does not attempt to simulate the pages of your site's trash (this is more punk aesthetic), and the establishment of a living, well-organized and even somewhere nice "disorder."

However, to understand what the "correct grunge" look better than a few examples:

grunge style design

grunge style

Grunge Design

Well, now, we turn to that for which the post actually was conceived. Good design in a grunge style is unthinkable without the grungy textures . This is an essential element of style. Most designers start the design, even with the fact that playing in Photoshop blending different textures (eg, different layers of textures with different blending modes). To you, too, was confused then, without any mixing or use as your background grunge designs offer you a small selection of grungy textures:

Grunge Package

Grunge Textures

Download ( mirror ) ~ 19 MB / / Source

Grunge Package - four high texture resolution 2304h3072, "weight" - 19 MB. It may be appropriate for the background of a grunge site without pretreatment.

Colorful Grunge

quality grunge texture

Download ( mirror ) ~ 55 MB / / Source

Colorful Grunge - five textures in high resolution from deviantart. Each texture with a color tint. Also look very nice and immediately ready for use in your designs.

Autumn Grunge

texture in grunge style

Download ( mirror ) ~ 15 MB / / Source

Autumn Grunge - «Autumn" package grungy textures, perfectly suited for creation of a "fall" sentiment, but with a little dark accent.

8 Subtle Grunge Textures

Grunge Textures

Download ( mirror ) ~ 39 MB / / Source

8 Subtle Grunge Textures - a set of diverse grunge textures. Actually, this is the main advantage of the "package".All textures of high quality, not very "dirty", available as a bright image, and very dark.

24 High-Res Grunge Texture Pics

Grunge Textures for Photoshop

150 MB / / Source

Set of 24 High-Res Grunge Texture Pics contains 24 colorful and interesting free textures. Even though they weigh a lot, I think professional designers working in the grunge style, can be useful.

Generally, of course, the Internet is full of grungy textures to suit every taste, this is only a small part of them, but nevertheless, I hope these textures how to stimulate your creativity and help you in your work! Successful experiments to you!

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16 Best Creative Footer Inspiration

As we all know, the structure of pages can be divided into three parts: the header (top), content, and footer (bottom). And neither one of these parts should not be ignored. Not to say that the footer plays a huge role. But professionalism and above all - is the attention to detail. From this point of view - footer is very important.

Over time, the footer has evolved from the usual lines of text avtorsih rights in a meaningful menu of information and internal links. I'll show you the most creative options for footers for the site. Some of them are excellent examples of graphics, and some - contain a large number of links and navigation elements.

We look, analyze, inspired.

johncow.com / / A small menu of organically combined with bright footer

seedhunter.com / / In the footer is little information about the author

blup.fr / / Simple, original and bright footer for the site

arunpattnaik.com / / This site contains the latest tweets footer, as well as the tools used by the author for

bitsamppixels.com / / Stylish footer with copyrights

csharpdesign.co.uk / / Here are the services in the footer of the company and contacts for communication

comfortbrothers.com / / Footer is also used for duplication Navigation

naikom.ru / / A standard, attractive, useful and functional footer for your personal site - there is information about the author, the latest posts twitter and photos.

futureofwebapps.com / / special semantic load this footer is not just in the style of the site

launchmind.com / / This footer is also increasingly used for beauty, though it contains the navigation. These solutions allow graphics to make your site "complete graph", where everything is designed in a fun and realized - from cap to footer

storypixel.com / / Beautiful and unique footer RSS of recent reports on the work and photographs

gbit.cz / / authors of this footer is literally come to the question by presenting the footer as the "underwater world" of the overall design of the site

markforrester.co.za / / Just a nice footer

morphix.si / / It also complements the overall implementation of a web page image

wisnetsol.com / / A sort of a "business" and functional footer, which contains a portfolio, feedback form and links to social networking and facebook tviiter

mrdiggles.com / / Footer from the "idea" :) Tag Cloud, incidentally, is quite appropriate to place it in the footer - as an additional element of an unobtrusive navigation

In general, the footer can be a very useful part of the blog - as in the design (graphics), understanding, and as an additional functional element. So do not neglect this opportunity!

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