June 3, 2012

16 Best Creative Footer Inspiration

As we all know, the structure of pages can be divided into three parts: the header (top), content, and footer (bottom). And neither one of these parts should not be ignored. Not to say that the footer plays a huge role. But professionalism and above all - is the attention to detail. From this point of view - footer is very important.

Over time, the footer has evolved from the usual lines of text avtorsih rights in a meaningful menu of information and internal links. I'll show you the most creative options for footers for the site. Some of them are excellent examples of graphics, and some - contain a large number of links and navigation elements.

We look, analyze, inspired.

johncow.com / / A small menu of organically combined with bright footer

seedhunter.com / / In the footer is little information about the author

blup.fr / / Simple, original and bright footer for the site

arunpattnaik.com / / This site contains the latest tweets footer, as well as the tools used by the author for

bitsamppixels.com / / Stylish footer with copyrights

csharpdesign.co.uk / / Here are the services in the footer of the company and contacts for communication

comfortbrothers.com / / Footer is also used for duplication Navigation

naikom.ru / / A standard, attractive, useful and functional footer for your personal site - there is information about the author, the latest posts twitter and photos.

futureofwebapps.com / / special semantic load this footer is not just in the style of the site

launchmind.com / / This footer is also increasingly used for beauty, though it contains the navigation. These solutions allow graphics to make your site "complete graph", where everything is designed in a fun and realized - from cap to footer

storypixel.com / / Beautiful and unique footer RSS of recent reports on the work and photographs

gbit.cz / / authors of this footer is literally come to the question by presenting the footer as the "underwater world" of the overall design of the site

markforrester.co.za / / Just a nice footer

morphix.si / / It also complements the overall implementation of a web page image

wisnetsol.com / / A sort of a "business" and functional footer, which contains a portfolio, feedback form and links to social networking and facebook tviiter

mrdiggles.com / / Footer from the "idea" :) Tag Cloud, incidentally, is quite appropriate to place it in the footer - as an additional element of an unobtrusive navigation

In general, the footer can be a very useful part of the blog - as in the design (graphics), understanding, and as an additional functional element. So do not neglect this opportunity!


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