June 3, 2012

20 Beautiful Contact forms for Inspiration

It just so happened that the design contact forms, usually highly do not break my head. Well there is some text fields - the "theme", "from whom» (e-mail), but a form of communication, what do you need? Like anything, but now is not the beginning of the 90s. For a long time no details! Every element, every detail has been actively playing on the image of the site (hence the company), attracts the attention of the reader (consumer or buyer), so now the situation is slowly changing.

Pioneers have always been design agencies, which are traditionally the first to offer something conceptual, innovative. They were beginning to catch up with the rest, there is a trend. Thus, it is now not uncommon sites where contact form is becoming a real "history" or "adventure", and that is the most interesting (or comfortable) place on the site.

I have prepared for you a few examples with a nice contact forms for inspiration for the original selection thanks to the authors of this article :

Frankly, even I (not a web designer) have the desire to embellish or create an equally original page with the contact form. Especially liked the options, where except for the contact form is a summary of the site (the author), as well as links to social services.

Hopefully, this beautiful collection of contact forms stimulated your imagination and you were some interesting ideas about their own contact form. In RuNet there is little creative examples like (maybe I'm wrong and you correct me?), You have all chances to become one of the first!


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