June 3, 2012

Beautiful Free Gothic Fonts

Long time no blog publishing, where you can download something. It is time to correct this tradition, the more that I have found the right material. It's about fonts, but rather a gothic font. There is something in them, "such things" - an ancient and mystical, and in a good and competent use can be achieved simply stunning effects. All these fonts are original and nonstandard priori - if you look at the examples below, you can verify this.

So that's one of a selection of English-language blogs found 15 Gothic fonts for designers. It has been collected from various sites devoted to fonts, such as fonts archive dafont and others. Actually, walked through all the files and added an archive that you may make it easier to download.

Archive Gothic fonts

Gothic fonts

Download ( mirror ) / / Source

Some of the Gothic fonts, perhaps, you already know, some very original and we can say that the new (at least for the first time I see them :) The source indicated the site where the original article was published. There will also find links to archives of the font. I can, in principle, tell what the name of Gothic fonts were included in the archive are:

  • Berliner
  • Blackletter ExtraBold
  • Bridgnorth
  • Cuxhaven Times
  • Dark 11
  • Deutsch Gothic
  • Diploma
  • Endor Alt
  • Manuscript
  • Morpheus
  • Morris Roman
  • Old London
  • Satanick
  • Van Helsing
  • Versal Gothic

A total of 15 Gothic fonts. Quite a decent selection, as for me, the site of the mystical themes - the most it.


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