June 3, 2012

Brushes for Adobe Illustrator (oil and watercolor)

Brushes for vector graphics editors are not as popular as the appropriate brushes for bitmap graphics editors. This is not because they are useless, just Adobe Photoshop installed in every second, and vector graphics editor is basically just the professionals. But, for those who have an idea of ​​what Adobe Illustrator and what it eats, they need nothing less than a brush for Photoshop. Because with a good brush can literally work wonders.

Today I decided to make a selection of brushes for Illustrator, simulating real brush - watercolor, oil, ink (this is not a brush but still) and so on. Such materials are useful for different works in the artistic style and look all the brushes for Illustrator is very high quality, variety of them large enough so that all, I think, sets handy. Download the brush, as always, is free.

Multi-Colored Paint Brushes

Brushes for Adobe Illustrator

Download ( mirror ) ~ 44Mb / / Source

Multi-Colored Paint Brushes - a collection that includes 57 multi-colored tassels. A very interesting set. On the source page of the site will also find a small manual on how these (and other) brushes for Illustrator can be connected.

Watercolor Brushes

Download the brush watercolor

Download ( mirror ) ~ 2.6 Mb / / Source

Watercolor Brushes Set contains more than 100 watercolor brushes, which were created by using different techniques and can be used to solve many problems. We can say universal brush.

Paint Brushes

download free hand

Download ( mirror ), ~ 22 Mb / / Source

Paint Brushes - 15 high quality brushes simulate various strokes of this brush. The archive options for Illustrator CS and Illustrator CS3. The set was very useful and versatile.

Delicious Watercolor Brushes

brushes for Adobe Illustrator

Download ( mirror ), ~ 15 Mb / / Source

Delicious Watercolor Brushes - a great package, which includes 106 of watercolor brushes. The total file size - 14.6 mb. Compatibility - Illustrator CS and above. Ideal for creating illustrations in the style as if they were really painted by hand, for example, children's pictures.

Ink and Watercolor Brushes

Download Illustrator Brushes

Download ( mirror ) / / Source

Ink and Watercolor Brushes - you will find a set of 13 brushes. In the source there are two versions - one for Illustrator CS, the other for Illustrator CS3 (the link for download is version CS3). If you are using a later version of the editor, the latter must be compatible.

Water Color Blob Brushes (for Photoshop and Illustrator)

Free Illustrator Brushes

Download mirror ), ~ 22 Mb / / Source

Water Color Blob Brushes - these collections are interesting in that there are two versions - for "Photoshop" and "illustrator". The set includes 17 brushes. If you need these brushes for Photoshop, installation guide you will find the link source, and I, meanwhile, just in case, I will tell (and most knowledgeable people remind you) how to install these brushes in Illustrator.

It's very simple to the directory where you installed Adobe Illustrator folder, find the Presets, Brushes folder in it which will extract and one set (or sets) that you downloaded. After restarting, Adobe Illustrator, the set will appear in the Brush Libraries. Use your health!


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