June 3, 2012

Create a portfolio with the help of online service Portfolios

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For working on the "free bread" designer, animator, photographer, or any way that does not define a good chance to get an order (or job) as having an attractive portfolio. Previously, portfolios were largely on paper or shown with the help of his computer, the trend of today (especially if you are looking for a job on the internet) - on-line portfolio.You'll notice that almost every site contains a freelance exchanges the ability to upload and showcase their work, but what if you want to create their personal online portfolio, which is independent of any internet projects.

Create your own online portfolio in several ways. The most difficult and time-consuming way - buy a domain and create his own website on it. The easiest - use the service to create a portfolio Portfolios ! In the first case, of course, you will have almost limitless options for customizing the functionality and appearance, but, unfortunately, without any special knowledge of development of sites here will not do (or the cash outlay). Option number 2 - a very interesting solution, which propose to examine in more detail.

Online Portfolio

So, Portfolios - an online service through which a person's creative specialties (painter, designer, makeup artist, illustrator, flasher, etc.) can easily create a free and fully customizable portfolio site.

In the Portfolios you can (just a few possibilities):

  • Choose a variety of design layouts and customize them;
  • Upload images and high resolution without compression (you can load multiple images at once);
  • Post videos and Flash (for use with the popular video service YouTube and Vimeo Video Hosting just point the downloaded video link);
  • Connect your own domain;
  • Use your own logo;
  • To study the statistics of attendance;
  • Maintain your own blog on the Portfolios;
  • Communicate with other members of Portfolios;
  • Add a comment, discuss and evaluate the other portfolios.

In fact Portfolios combines the two mediums. The first - a personal portfolio management mechanism online, where you can perform all configuration, installation, download pictures and files. The second - the site itself portfolio, which saw customers. To better understand what are the portfolio in Portfolios, worth looking at some examples:

online portfolio

And, of course, the same video with a demonstration of all the features of the service Portfolios.

Portfolios not only provides an opportunity for everyone to create their own professional looking portfolio (of course, the content on your conscience.) This is one of its kind social networking site for professionals and even a blog-hosting service. The most important thing - the service, of course, can bring huge benefits to freelancers. So the people of creative professions are obliged, to get to the Portfolios Portfolio!


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