June 24, 2012

Examples of Perfect Landing Page Design or Tips

Perfect Landing Page Design

Landing pages are one of the most important key to the business and its product or services, yet while creating the landing page most of the times companies don’t create effective landing page. There are numerous landing page example available online, to get tips and guidelines to create good landing page inspiration example.

For the success of the online business marketer, it is very important to have an effective landing page, as the effectivness of the website’s landing page is very important quality for success of the online business to sell their products and services.

Few important aspect to be considered while creating the landing page is, to make sure that

There is no information that deviates the customers to other websites.
Should have the focus to effectively sell your products and services
Landing page should portray crisp and clear information about the products, for the user to undersatnd eaisly
Just one or two click for the buyers to make purchase on your site
Site should not have to many links to frustrate the customers, while making purchase
Awareness to cost of selling your products and determine the profit
Content of the page should be short and understandable
Products or services  should have relevant words and sentences, to sell
Important words should be me made bold, to get the attraction of the viewer in just few seconds

The most important factor for the success of the online business is, the best landing page example along with the quality of the products. Businesses may fail or succeed depending on the effectiveness of the  landing page on their website. Customer only takes few seconds to view a website they come across, and here it becomes essential to focus on the landing page inspiration. It is not necessary for a landing page to be a home page, but should be more persuasive, accessible, and usable to develop trust in the brand and the product.

1. Tea Round

Tea Round

2. GreenLighted


3. ClubDivot


4. Tropo – The SMS Experts

Tropo – The SMS Experts

5. Asking Canadians

Asking Canadians

6. Strawberryj.am


7. dribbblr


8. Virgin America

Virgin America

9. CleverScale


10. Mammoth Lakes Ski Accommodation

Mammoth Lakes Ski Accommodation

11. Basecamp


12. Square


13. HBloom


14. Wistia


15. Shall I Buy

Shall I Buy


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