June 3, 2012

How to Create Favicon (ico file)

Site without favicon (favicon), as a ship without a flag. Favicon - an integral part of the brand site, its image and identity. By the way, look for the issuance of any search engine (such as Yandex). You will definitely find a number of titles found pages and documents favicon. That is, favicon, it is also a factor which increases click through your site in search results. Therefore, no favicon anywhere!

How to make a favicon? The process can be divided into two stages:

  1. Making favicon or the presence of already finished;
  2. Install it on site.

The first task, as has been indicated, there may be several approaches. If you for some reason you do not want to make favicon yourself, you are too lazy, do not have time or do not know how, and to try and experiment there is no desire, you can find it at one of the sites, libraries, finished favicon. The main disadvantage of this option - hardly your icon will be original. Rather, it is already used in dozens, if not hundreds or thousands of sites.Therefore, in this case, the relevant question: "Do I need a favicon at all?". To me, this element must be unique, even if it is as simple as "3 penny". Therefore, from this version is better favicon refused and made his own hands.Let's stop this process in detail.

Start making favicon can be in a photo editor or by using special service. In the first case does not necessarily seek the help of desktop applications (eg, Photoshop), you can use the free online raster graphics editor . All you need - to create a 16x16 paper and anything on this "canvas" to portray. Fill the background, try to draw something "pencil" or to put any symbol or letter. In the screenshot example of a "masterpiece" that I began to paint using the service  Pixlr :

Pixlr create favion

The result can be saved in the format ". Gif" or ". Png".

For me as a tool to use graphics editor - the organic option, but it is not only because there are special services that can help you draw a favicon. An example would be the site Favicon.cc, which allows you to create an icon in pixels:

Service favicon.cc

This is just one example, in fact there are so many sites - services to create favicon online - free of charge, with the same functionality and for every taste.

Whichever option you would choose, create favicon is not very complex and interesting. Install the same problem does not deliver. Once you've finished, save the icon on your computer, it can be converted into a format ". Ico", or use the files ". Gif" or ". Png". The principal difference will not be just about any option, if desired in the future it will be possible to animate. It remains the last - pour favicon in the "root" of the site (named favicon) and add the code in the head section:

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="put_k_ikonke/favicon.ico" />

(If you have a favicon format other than ". Ico", you must specify the desired type of file)

In this process of creating and installing favicon, can be considered complete. If you need any additional information on the icon, it is possible to look out my article 2 a year ago in another blog - all about favicon.ico icons - most of the data they are still relevant.


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