June 3, 2012

Online Free Vector Graphics Editor

Do you know how to draw a vector line Apple iPad? No? Most likely you do not even know that there is such a powerful on-line vector graphics editor of Aviary's -Raven ! Online applications are constantly evolving, because today they can achieve a good result. Before moving on to the review of this application, I would like to see that developers mougt Aviary boasts not only the product. On this site you can find a collection of useful online services for designers and graphics, which I once wrote in one of his blogs. In addition to online vector graphics editor can find the usual graphic editor, tools for creating effects, working with palettes, and screenshots.

But back to our Raven and Apple iPad - not to be unfounded, the tablet will give an example, drawn with the help of Raven:

draw the Apple iPad

In fact, even today this illustration - not an easy task for an untrained person, even if his hand is CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator, to say nothing of a web application? But, as you see at the moment it is quite doable task.Moreover, the site Aviary, a simple tutorial, you will learn how to even. But let us still closer look at the editor!

Interfeyc Raven is not as complicated as those mentioned above, CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator, so the application can be considered even as a testing ground for the study of vector graphics:

online vector editor

Of course, the functional to full vector graphics editor application that far. But do not forget that this is a online service which, by the way supports even things like layers and blend modes (Blend mode).

Complete engine "curves." Working with curves, fills, strokes, gradients and objects is realized at a fairly advanced level (of course, not as in CorelDraw or Illustrator, but still);

Supports layers. It supports layers, groups, layers, layer masks;

"Import" from the popular social services. Import from Flickr, Picasa and Facebook;

The training system through the tutorials. While they certainly are not enough, but to all appearances their number will keep growing.

In short, Raven - a very neat and functional online editor of vector graphics. If you do it, I advise you to look necessarily. Finally I bring to your attention a little video about how to create a small vector image using Raven:

In principle, any online applications are not yet able to completely replace the desktop solution, but due to their mobility can compete with them in certain situations.


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