June 3, 2012

Retro Style in Web Design

According to the American writer John Steinbeck, most people live ninety percent in the past seven in the present and the future is only three percentage points. Well, it counts Nobel laureate for literature is too difficult to verify, however, dispute the fact that the appeal of the events of the past is not necessary. If a painful sense of the value of passing time and the appeal of antiques you are familiar, perhaps, retro style in web design will be your skates.We can only think, will satisfy the concept of a retro-audience share. Who will be delighted with the content, masterly powdered antique? People who nostalgically peering into the symbolism of a bygone era, with its fashion, people, machines and other stories, covered with a dusty coating otgorevshih passions.

In clothing, automotive and interior design for a retro-style confident enough to tie the timing of the 20s to the 80s of last century. Writing a clear time characteristics of retro-style in web design is not easy, because in everyday life can be considered the last day, in a rapidly changing IT-sphere can be safely called day before yesterday afternoon. And the fact that thirty years of the artist still finds it relevant and modern, youth has long been written off for scrap. Take, for example, the results are disappointing for producers rent the movie "Alien": Bandit romantic swashbuckling 90 not stir the soul teenager, as retro - it is each his own.

But the more interesting and more difficult to challenge for a designer who decided to work out the style of the site is in a retro-style. Only the knowledge of the nature and characteristics of retro-style, coupled with a considerable sense of proportion, will not slip into a banal kitsch.

Most of the time intervals that can safely operate a designer decides to use the retro style, tied to the fashion of the 20th century.

Want to recreate a visitor feel aggressive chic 20-30s - help him remember the muse of Vladimir Mayakovsky Lilya Brik, good will and Ellochka-cannibal from "The Twelve Chairs." These were troubled years of sudden and massive women's emancipation: women wearing pantsuits, shortened skirts and smoked long cigarettes. All of these mesh stockings, knit hats and bowler hats a la Charlie Chaplin, bare arms and shoulders in a fur boa during the NEP, notably stirred the blood of man in the street. Take the olive, black and purple color as a base, add the drive of jazz improvisation, story and cinematography airplanes - and you can easily catch the essence of retro-20's and 30's!

Retro 20s

If you no longer taste restraint and modest elegance L - look back in the postwar 40s - 50s . In place of ostentatious vulgarity and pretentiousness new look came a style invented by Christian Dior. Style sensual, decadent, recklessly romantic, stylized "krinolinovy» XIX century. It airs raised chins of women in dresses of silk, satin, crepe de chine. This is a thin waist, neckline exciting and gloves to the elbow, wide-brimmed hats and patent leather straps that boost to the limits of femininity polupristoynogo pin-up. Review "The Notebook" Nick Cassavetes and "The Godfather" by Francis F. Coppola, include Glenn Miller Orchestra recording and quickly grasp the tablet. Have you caught the mood.

Retro 50s

Would you like to bet sexuality and sensuality - Browse through magazines 60s and 70s . While the tone was set seductive film star Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren. The color palette matches the mood - it is the dominant red, pink, blue in the range of flowers, polka dots, the cell. Car rides chic "Bentley" on a dizzying seditious motives of Elvis. The Beatles "they" VIA "Gem" - the "us." Denim 70's, platform shoes, disco dancing to the music and the sea of synthetics in clothing: nylon, nylon, krimplen wild colors. ease, brightness, ease - that's how it will be possible to describe the site in a retro-style 60 - 70 years.

Retro 70's

It may be an unusual experience in the style of Soviet culture of the 80s of XX century - a time when the ideology of the ruling party kultprosvetovskaya staggered under the chaotic but powerful blows protest basement subculture. Emerged from the underground Soviet Russian rock and punk rock mixed with dance tunes broken disco 80's became the leitmotif of Surgery. This period is not so deeply redesigned web designers, so the decision to use the style of the '80s can bring great success.

Retro 80's restructuring

retro pattern

To sum up. Retro-style actually quite stable and marketable trend in web design, with its charm and unique color palette. What would you choose: tragic nepmanskie 20th, 50th caramel, floral 60's, disco 70's, or nomenclatural retro 80's, building on the past, adding to their feelings and are actively using rich graphic editors, you able to create a small masterpiece.

In addition, color palettes can be retro-inspired style in a small collection of retro designs (for a particularly interesting instance you can go through a reference on the original sites and see how everything is done).

Retro Site Design

retro design of the Internet

Dallas Advertising Agency - a very original navigation, music in the background and a military general, a retro style.

design of retro

Retro Style

Retro style

Lana Landis - on the implementation of flash, always check out the photos :) beautiful vintage photos + wonderful music

Retro Design

retro-style in design

retro flash site

ThunderFuel - as far as I understood the company is engaged in everything from design, to animation and games.After reviewing their site in flash retro style, I'd have ordered something cool idea and implementation.

Retro Style Web Design

vintage poster

Site-portfolio Michela Chiucini web designer - by the way, it is her past work, we see that it is clearly not indifferent to the retro style

web design, retro style

Kultika - I do not understand the purpose and subject matter of this site, but the implementation just beyond all praises!

Retro Design

DiseƱo Grafico - cool retro-style poster for the Web developer studio or freelancer, he seems to be stretched in a line and when you click the picture moves to the right.

design of retro style

Tennessee Vacation - for all lovers of the State of Tennessee, and leave in those parts, very cool implementation of a retro-style, where attention is given to almost every detail, one of the best sites in a similar style that I've seen

Here's a collection of web design in a retro style has turned out. In my opinion, very good work here presented, although, of course, retro sites exist on the order of magnitude. And that means that I need to Find and publish as early as next time.


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