July 29, 2012

Why Graphic Design Is Important For Your Website

In this competitive world with thousands of blogs evolving every night it is necessary to create a brilliant first impression. People are getting so busy that they hardly find time to judge a website; this makes you cautious that you need to work hard in designing your site to attract many users, even at first glance. This is possible by using an effective graphic design for your site that provides an impressive look in order to grab user attention. Graphic designing is often referred to a visual communication that gets exchanged between the user and the website. To have the best design for your site you can consult the Digital Media Agency who offers you with the best value for money results. Here are some characteristics that will help you in designing a site to impress:

  • Home page: This is the first page that will be observed by most of the visitors. The graphics on this page determines the quality of the rest of the site, which can be done in an innovative way with the use of images and colours that add beauty to the site.

  • Matching with the content: There is always a debate about what is more important, content or graphics. There is always demand for good content however the use of graphic elements enhances the value of the content as the visitor will first see the pictures in your site, if they are impressed the user will feel compelled to read the content.

  • Arranging the graphics: Use inspiring graphics that grabs user interest. Place them at the right location where they look most appropriate and serve their purpose efficiently. Standard graphics look amazing and give a different look to your site.

Reasons that explain the importance of graphic design:

  • Minimised attention span: It has been observed that the websites with graphics are more frequently visited and liked by the users when compared to the websites that are completely text-based. Consistent usage of graphic design increases the traffic flow to the site immensely. It leaves an impression on the visitors and helps them in remembering your site, which could even lead to them becoming a regular user.

  • Accumulation of brand awareness: The graphics that you use and the logo that you create for your site leaves a mark on the users that bestow you with huge brand awareness. It results in viral marketing that pulls a great amount of traffic to your site within a short period of time.

  • Best practices: If the graphic design used is large and detailed enough that visitors recognise it and are impressed then you are successful in your website designing. It brings you excellent results and will prove to be a great benefit to your site and its overall appearance.

               Kate Ford is Tech writer from the UK. Catch her @thetechlegend on Twitter


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