October 2, 2012

Magento Development- The chief flavours of E Commerce

Magento is the buzz word when it comes to ecommerce today. Whoever plans for an online storefront opts for Magento. Last month alone, I was approached by not less than 14 customers who thought Magento was the Content Management System for their shopping cart.

This got me thinking, why is it so popular? Is there a particular reason or is it just over-hyped. Is it the trend or more like the actual requirement that is driving so many people to go for this option? I did a little digging around, researched for hours on Magento website design and then finally drew a few conclusions.

P.S: you may not agree with me, and so I’d like to hear about your perspective as well.

Observation no. 1:

Magento has probably got the most unique features which enable a particular online store to do much better than the other. It is an extremely comprehensive platform that provides a very user friendly interface. Its prominent inbuilt features are:

• Advanced search
• Layered Navigation
• Wish lists
• Multi store features
• Product comparisons
• Email list
• Search Engine Optimization features
• Content Management System for Static Pages
• Content Management System for Grouped Pages

These features significantly increase the efficiency of the online store and offer a rich user experience.

Observation no. 2:

Code Structure
Magento is a well-defined platform that has a very clear core code. Its third party code or community code is marked by a clear line of distinction. Since the code structure is so well defined, users can easily download other extensions or modules without once having to fuss with the intricacies of how the future upgrades will impact the structure itself. The current appearance of the website remains intact. Magento has proved its mettle in terms of being a robust platform that can handle the ecommerce structure like butter. It ensures that both the end user and the administrator both have a good time with the website.

Observation no. 3:

Magento uses an extensible API to attach with both web applications and individual applications. It incorporates flawlessly with:

• Peripheral accounting systems,
• Email list management tools,
• ERP systems

As if this wasn’t enough, Magento as an eCommerce platform enables one to put together the user systems in order to increase the scope of functionalities. The extensible API ensures that the business gets the required flexibility to augment to commercial viability.

Observation no. 4:

Huge Community for Support
Magento sports a large community of support. It also has a huge user base. This means that the total number of users and developers is massive. This is so beneficial because if you get stuck anywhere, you will find plenty support online. You can view any blog or thread regarding your query and you will find answers. What’s more, you can even leave comments, help fellow users, or publish a doubt. You will soon be addressed to.

Observation no. 5:

Search Engine Friendly website designs:
Search engine optimization plays a critical role in the success of a website. What's the point of having an eComm site where no one comes? One must ensure that the optimization of the site has been done thoroughly in order to encourage more and more traffic.

Magento offers SEO friendly website designs that allow you to effortlessly attain ranking on major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. It provides you the comfort of creating suitable xml code, Meta tag, Title, and Keyword for your product and category pages.

Jack Sutton works with VITEB-UK - a custom magento website design company based in London. He likes to share his knowledge by researching on various topics relevant to his field and also writes about them when he gets time. You can find him write-ups on different guest blogging platforms. Summary: This article helps in understanding the popularity that Magento has met with. The article outlines the most fundamental highlights of Magento including its advantages and certain shortcomings.


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