October 1, 2012

Top 3 Colors make a Business Page Looks Attractive

The web page is a very important factor in pursuing a business in the internet. The reputation of a good business internet page is crucial in marketing. Nowadays, the attitude of the web page viewers is already affected by the fast phased world of the internet. Although they claim that the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, as an online marketer, you must always be aware of the trends in web page management.

To further discuss the advantages of having to know what is in to the eyes of the browsers, web page visitors and possible buyers; let us discuss the basics of web page creation. Research shows that web page design is just a secondary factor why people will stay and read the web page of a certain online business. People are attractive at first glance by the colors of the webpage. These colors are considered to be the universal colors of the cyber world. It attracts the people; it is a temptation, a sweet desire and an irresistible invitation. Here are the top three colors of the internet which provide each web page a simplistic yet attractive beauty.


Yes black is beautiful but too much black is awful. This is because black is the best color to use in the internet. It suggests formality, truth and sincerity. So if you want your web page to have a touch of prestige and you want your customers and visitors to establish trust in your web page. Put black in it. However, since too much black is awful, do not use it as a back ground. Just use it in text’s color. For emphasis, you may bold the font to give importance to your message.


White color can neutralize the negativity of the black. It suggests human intervention behind the cyber characteristics of a webpage. White puts yourself in the front line of your business because white can represent you. It gives the visitor a light and a welcoming feeling. Not only does that it gives positive vibes to the readers but it also avoids the straining of the eyes. However, white can also ruin your webpage if not used properly especially when the contrast of colors did not match the pureness of white. Do not use white as the color of your text. And as much as possible cover the whole page with white so that you can play around with its flexibility to jive with other colors.


It is the combination of white and black. It is often used by most of the newbie designers because it meets both extreme colors into equilibrium. It brings both ends of the spectrum to the center. Most of the Chinese web developers believe that color grey possesses an energy that is so strong that it can affect individuals’ desire and decisions.
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