December 21, 2012

Adopt Magento to Rise in Online Business Arena

The technical advancement is bringing innovative changes across the world. Nowadays, you can avail almost everything at your door step just by clicking over few websites. It is a revolutionary change in global business environment; traditional street shopping is steadily reaching to its end and leading business organizations are replacing their information online identities with new age content management system for securing their market share. In this way, if you are using Photoshop for your website, then you should think about taking PSD to Magento theme conversion. It will help your online shopping store in reaching newer heights in virtual business arena.

Be Easily Approachable

It is really an essentiality for each online shopping portal to be in the counted among top league e-commerce stores. You must need to be easily searchable and approachable for your esteemed customers. In case of using Photoshop website, you may have the need of conducting numerous content optimization tasks and depend on search engine optimizer and web master. Contrary to this, PSD to Magento theme conversion helps you in optimizing your website individually. If you have a bit patience, then you can easily make your website content optimized for gaining high search engine rankings and gathering a large volume of online customers.

Now! Manage Your Website Efficiently

You may be aware with tiring process of updating contents in your Photoshop based website. In case of running an online shopping store, it is needful to incorporate the resource tools to make the content uploading process easy and effective. Moreover, you need the backend functioning in your website to prevent uploading of verbatim or copy pasted contents. Additionally, your store content also needs to be optimized as per the recent algorithms to be in the eye sight of your potential customers. In short, your decade old website needs an online shopping friendly content management website to manage your wide ranging product lines in an easy manner.

Cross Browser Compatibility

It is one of the foremost reasons of taking conversion from PSD. This feature makes an online shopping store visible at all web browsers in a uniform manner. And, such uniformity helps your potential online buyers to visit your site via their preferred web browser like Google Chrome, internet Explorer, opera, and Mozilla. The preference of web browsers can differ person to person. So, you must need to keep your website look and feel uniform for all web browsers that cannot be easily done with your PSD website. In this way, the conversion is the only way to get this feature in your website.

All of the above mentioned steps are clearly speaking about the need of transformation of your website from the Photoshop to CMS enabled online identity. It will not only help you in realizing your business goals, but also make your online business operations easy and efficient. Moreover, you don’t need to pay a fortune for PSD to Magento conversion, because it is a freebie. Post conversion, you will be able to showcase all of your business offerings in a better way and attain a large volume of online customers at your website. In short, this conversion is the crucial demand of concurrent online business arena and you may not miss the single opportunity to get ahead with your traditional business rivals.

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December 19, 2012

Cultivate Your E-Commerce Business with Top 15 Magento Extensions

Cultivate Your E-Commerce Business with Top 15 Magento Extensions We are going through the most happening stage of cyber world. The head-to-head competition among top online shopping companies can be seen easily. Now, companies are trying hard to cater their customers in a better way by using the best functionality in their e-commerce websites. If you are using Magento based content management system, then you can install below mentioned extensions for gaining a feat in your domain. 1-Refer a Friend By using this extension on your E-commerce store, your customers can refer your store to their friends and relatives and earn some points for referring your store to others. Thus, it gains the interest of your customers.
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December 2, 2012

30 Cool Vector random object collection

One of the most dynamic graphic designing tools that is available to the graphic artists at the present time is the vector graphic tools with the help of which exclusive as well as precise figures can be created by the artist. On the internet the designers are also going to come across many exclusive vector object collections and if they combine these elements in the right way they can come up with exclusive results.

With the advancement in technology the work of the designers have reduced to a great extent and if they have the right tool at their disposal they are certainly going to come up with awesome results. Readily downloadable and easy to use vector objects are available on particular virtual platforms and the designer needs to combine them in the right manner to come up with unique results. For example in a particular platform you may come across multitude examples of facial expressions or logos of finance related elements or famous figures that have developed by using vector graphics are present and the developer has the option of downloading and customizing these elements to come up with unique outcome. In this way the productivity of the developer will also increase.

1. Face Elements

A free set of face elements with different types of eyes and mouths. Great for character creation, you can combine them as you like and create nice characters!

2. Minimal Retro Pack

Inspired by Mad Men, the t.v. show. I wanted to create simple, free vector graphics for everyone to play around with.

3. Gear Vector - Metal Weapons

Sneake equipment and gear vector files. Included in this gear vector pack are gun vectors, ninja headband vectors, and other awesome sneake gear vector files. Also check the license to be able to use this gear vector pack for both personal and commercial uses!

4. Free Vector Financial Elements

Many times I had to run trying to make a design for a business presentation and one thing I’ve learned is that the client always wants to show a “friendly corporative look” but this is kind of a complicated topic to illustrate, and all of us know our beloved clients give all at the last minute and need it ready right away, that's why I did this pack to save time in this kind of situations_Charles.

5. Techno Host Logo Elements

Composed of icons which are to be seen on our daily routines. Here you will see technology items such as router,a laptop,desktop,server,battery,cloud,tablet and more.

6. Random Vector Pack by Rickashay

Bunch of random vectors.

7. Police Vectors

8. Free Vector misc Random Objects

9. Vector icon Random scrap icons and useless Ephemera

10. Power Tool

11. Silhouette Clip Art

Vector silhouette clip art of miscellaneous objects and items from everyday life: plates and dishes, motorcycles, furniture, electronics outline, glasses silhouettes and many other household stuff.

12. Electric Tools Vector Set

13. Free Vector Design Elements

Here is Pack 02 with 12 Vector Design elements. Use them as logo templates, clipart or icons. As always, you decide.

14. Random Object Vectors

Lots of miscellaneous object vectors. Silhouettes of shoes, sunglasses, comb, knife, video games and scissors.

15. Random Emotions

16. My Trusty Number Two

Number Two Pencil from the city of Dreams.

17. Eco Vector Logo Elements

Now we will give you ecology vector logo elements. Most of us are now ecosystem-wise. We do our jobs, thinking of working in harmony with the earths eco. Mother Gaea as we all know it, surely is happy that we make sure all we do is efficiently making almost zero waste, thru known recycling and acts that minimizes garbage.

18. Vector Sports Elements

Games that vary from small actions, to highly intense body involvement. Baseball, soccer or football, basketball and tennis are some of the common sports games around. they differ in ways but has a common thing, a ball is needed, and played on a court or field.

19. Web Icons Vector

These web icons will be useful in your websites, blogs and other design related work. It can be scaled to any size without loss of resolution. Have fun using! All vectors on this site are free to use for both commercial and personal projects.

20. law Firm Logo Templates

This is all about laws and legal services.

21. Vector Egyptian Elements

In this pack you will find the eye of Horus, scarab, the Ankh symbol of eternity, Wad jet the serpent  and the Feather of Maat among many others.

22. Random Bird Silhouettes

Random Birds Silhouettes Vectors.

23. Random Vector and Doodles

A pack of random vectors & doodles, enjoy.

24. Vector Mix Volume


25. Vector tools and Instruments

26. Random by Blank

27. CXMB Vector Pack

28. Music Instruments Vector Pack

Music Instruments Vector Graphics.

29. Vector Image Collection


30. Random Vector Set

These are a bunch of random vectors I've used in the past or made and never used.

An exhaustive list of the thirty most useful websites where random vector created objects are found have been listed in this article. All the examples present in the list are of diverse categories and if the readers search thoroughly they will come up with truly exclusive results. Make the best use of these valuable resources and your work will be certainly appreciated.

Author Bio - James also writes for WebHostingJuice, a website focus on promoting the best web hosting services. Visit his site to read some web hosting reviews.

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