June 8, 2013

Creative examples of amusing error pages

Error pages are often displayed when the wrong URL has been used or it is broken, their purpose is to guide visitors out of the hole they’ve fallen in to. When a URL is clicked your visitors expect results and related information, if this leads to an error page it can be disappointing. Most of the time visitors won’t return to the website.
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Prom: A Social Marketer’s Dream Come True

Nearly any business can benefit from savvy social media marketing. However, according to USA Today, almost no market is quite as gung-ho about social media than prom retailers. It makes perfect sense since social media platforms are the social hub for teens, and many of them have a budget for perfect prom wear. What can other businesses learn from the free marketing outlet that has prom retailers wishing every month was May?

First of all, it’s not just prom wear retailers who are all over social media trying to get high schoolers to like their pages. Restaurants, limo services, florists and any other industries related to prom are using the milestone event to try and attract more customers. The same can be done for any other business that wants to coattail on a holiday or special event. If you own a nail salon, think of all the special events throughout the year that practically require a mani/pedi — for a great deal, advertised online, of course.

The Cost of Prom

Shoes, corsages, dresses and dinners out all add up to a hefty sum. On average, a prom goer spends over $1,100 to fully enjoy this quintessential event, according to USA Today. However, the cost of marketing on social media sites is zero, save for the person’s time spent posting, replying and managing the site. Teens are going to spend their windfall where they want, and if they see a way to save cash on the dinner — leaving a bigger budget for that upgrade to a Hummer limo — they’ll do it.

Every SEO PA company is flooded with requests from companies wanting to take advantage of prom season. However, you can also use holidays and events to your advantage with just a little knowhow. Sometimes, people need reminding that a holiday is right around the corner and you can make it easy for them to remember by offering one-click shopping and a bargain right from their favorite SM site.

Take a Cue from Olive Garden

Olive Garden is all over prom, encouraging teens to post pictures on Instagram and offering a prize of $500 per week leading up to prom for the best photos. Of course, people have to like Olive Garden’s site to win, and the mega company has plenty of money to put into this contest. However, smaller businesses can have their own version of the Olive Garden contest and offer a prize of free corsages, tux rentals or other draws.

For many prom-related retailers, social media is the easiest and most affordable way to reach their target audience. Use the season wisely and remember some teens have free reign of their prom budget. You want to make sure you’re getting a slice of it, otherwise your more social-savvy competitors will.
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May 6, 2013

Some Useful Techniques For Web Designing

Well, it is said that SEO or Search Engine Optimization is mainly developing and improvising the web content for many websites and increasing the rank positions in the search results. It is not exactly true because web designing is evenly mandatory for increasing the website rankings in SERPs. There are various techniques for helping the designers to come up with innovative, enhanced and search engine compatible websites.


A web designing firm has to focus on making a simple and attractive navigation option in the website. It is to be noted that fancy navigations in websites cannot be detected by search engines effectively. A search engine intuitive and compatible navigation facility can help in making the task easier for Yahoo! and Google robots. Therefore, it is mandatory to use web platforms/services such as CSS, PHP, and JavaScript etc. instead of animated software such as Adobe Flash.

Effective URL

The Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is the most important element in websites. Therefore, the web developers create search-friendly and reliable URLs with utmost importance for every website. Query information and other details that are irrelevant and meaningless to the web page content have to be deleted when used in URLs. If the “www” element is removed from the URLs, make sure to check if all the web page has the same configuration. Else, the search engines will consider it as a different websites and the website may face legal issues for duplicity.

Tags for Images

In the case of web design techniques, the importance of using the image tags shouldn’t be neglected. All the images included in the website have to be described accurately with the assistance of image tags-alt attributes. It is impossible for search engines to crawl over the website images, and that is the reason why proper tags has to be coded for helping the search engine robots to collect the necessary data efficiently. Make sure to create a website that is user friendly and SEO compatible.

Tags for Titles

It is mandatory that every web development and design firms must concentrate on making unique title tags for every page in the website. Also, theme of each pages of the website has to be described properly and clearly and can be achieved by counting 1st 65 characters (that includes the spaces as well) of a title tag. It is because of various search engines as they show only a piece of the page title in the search query and the rest are hidden.

Tags or Heading

In the case of web services Australia, the importance of heading tags is high, even if there is a webpage title or section heading. It is a great technique of implementing keywords for the heading tags so that the search engines can show the matter of the page quickly when searched. But, make sure to watch out for the no. of keywords included in the heading tags as well. Most of the web designers and developers tend to stuff many keywords in heading tags that may lead their website to be penalized by Google.
Make sure to check out these web designing tips and help your customers to enhance their website rankings effectively!

About the author

Shane Syddall is an expert web developer and also has immense knowledge on the Search engine Optimization processes. He is an experienced professional, and currently employed by one of the companies dealing with web services Australia. He assists his clients greatly by ensuring the best solutions for their Web Pages.

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April 27, 2013

Six Simplified Steps To Creating A Great Website

To someone who’s just starting online, setting-up a website can be very stressful. They’d have to think about domain names, designs, their target market, and so much more! It can become so confusing that anyone can get easily overwhelmed if they’re oblivious to the whole process.

If that’s the kind of situation that you’re at right now (regardless if you’re a beginner or an old timer), I can guarantee you that after reading this article, you’ll have a better way of handling things. You won’t end-up doing everything ALL AT THE SAME TIME and you’ll have a clear direction of what you need to do. More importantly, you’ll see significant progress in what you’re doing on a daily basis!

As I share with you my six simplified steps to creating a great website, I would very much like you to think about your own way of doing things and share it in the comments section below. The more people who’ll share, the more we can help others that’s struggling. This is an awesome way of giving back to the community, don’t you think?


Since planning seems too broad of a word to use, I’ve created a list of questions below to aid you in this step.

- Who is your target market?
- What kind of brand image do you want to project?
- What kind of functions does your target market want your website to have?
- What kind of unique features will you add to your website to make your visitors stick?
- What kind of feel does your target market want your website to have?
- What website theme and plug-ins will you use? What are the people saying about it?
- From whom will you buy your hosting and domain name? Are they credible?
There are a lot of things to consider but if you answer these basic questions, you’ll surely be on the right track.


Simply answering the questions in step one without giving it enough research will cost you A LOT!

Basing your answers on facts or advice from experienced professionals will help you avoid making critical mistakes. I strongly suggest that you give this enough emphasis to make sure that your decisions are based on solid foundations.

These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself when doing your research. - Is your target market viable? Consider oversaturation or the longevity of your business.
- What kind of brand will your target market most likely react to?
- Are there surveys on the web that relates to your kind of business? If so what are the results?
- How much are the plug-ins that you’ll need and do you have enough know how to make it work? What are the reviews saying about the plug-ins?
- Did you find a theme that fits your brand? If so, how much is it and is the seller reputable?
- Are you buying your domain name and hosting from a reputable company? Consider their customer service and what people saying about them.


On this step, you should compare your step one and two results. After you’ve gone through step 2, you should be able to determine whether your step 1 answers are feasible or if it will produce ideal results.

Here are some of the questions you can ask. - Are your goals achievable based on your research?
- Are the website components that you’ve decided upon cohesive or is it causing conflict within itself?
- How do you think will your target market reacts to your website’s feel and function?

An important tip to remember when you’re in this stage is to avoid analysis paralysis. Notice that I keep on saying ENOUGH research. I emphasize on enough because people get all scientific about this.

What I suggest is that you base your decisions on what authority websites say. As an example, if you are thinking about SEO, search for reputable companies like SEOMOZ and stop looking somewhere else. There are way too many contradicting ideas on the web that it's so easy for you to be distracted and misled.


After going through all the planning, research, and analysis, you’ve got to start making things happen. This is where you start putting the pieces together to start seeing results.

Be sure to base your implementation on the previous steps to ensure that everything is in place. This step can be very scary for most people but to those whose done an ample amount of research and planning, this is the most exciting part!

Assess and measure

This step is just as important as the rest. Others neglect to do this THOROUGHLY because they’re ecstatic to see the results of their hard work. Although giving yourself time to appreciate your work is important, honest assessment is just the same.

When doing this, be sure to go through the questions that you’ve asked on step one. If there are goals you haven’t met, then you’ve got to take care of it in step 6.

Solve and improve

Whatever goals you’ve missed, you should have already determined that in step 5. From there, you can start working on the missing parts of your site PLUS, make some improvements to make sure it exceeds your expectations.

Going through each of these steps CRITICALLY is important if you want the best results. Simply giving each step a half-baked effort will only result in mediocre success or worse… FAILURE.

If you don’t want to get overwhelmed by the entire process of building a great website, then simply follow these steps and you’ll surely be on the right track.

I hope to hear from you about what your strategies are in building a great website. Please leave share it on the comments section below.

Aileen Galsim is a blogger for Showcase Creative a UK based printing company that provides Custom Presentation Folders, calendars, and other printed presentation products.
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April 21, 2013

Online Marketing Guide - Introduction

As businesses compete in today’s world of online marketing, there is a growing need for wise investments within this global market. Having the correct marketing strategy is crucial to your company's growth.

Without the right marketing plan in place, your business can crumble at any time. Having the best sales team, highly motivated workers, and an excellent product sometimes cannot produce the client base you’re seeking. That’s why you need a good marketing plan. Budgetary constraints are often alluded to as the reason why many companies delay investing in marketing. This, however, is a very unwise decision to make. But with many online marketing companies on the market, business owners are now able to access these online sources to help them get their business off to a good start.

Companies like Teckpert can help you find the answers to all your online marketing needs at affordable costs. Their experts are equipped with reliable and well-proven strategies. They have successfully developed these strategies over time to create the perfect online marketing campaign that will enhance your business, something that will result in spontaneous and solid growth.

The key objective of this type of strategy is to help generate new leads for your business and then turn these leads into sales. The process of learning about your business and defining your target audience is a unique one. Companies like will be able to use their expertise to spread your message by combining advertising and quality content for both your social media accounts and your website.

So here are a few key concepts to remember for successful online marketing:


Building a strong relationship with each client is crucial to online marketing. Web designers must ensure that, while new customers are important, it is more critical to build an online marketing environment where existing customers keep coming back while they tell others about you.

Never forget the importance of the respect you need to have for both your audience and market. You should focus specifically on the needs of your customers rather than your own needs. This means that you must make a commitment to creating a quality experience for your clients.

Content marketing

The backbone of effective online marketing is the consistent delivery of interesting and captivating content deliberately and intensively. Creating offers where customers can benefit in exchange for hard cash sometimes is a great way to improve your online presence.

Sell something worth buying

Selling is inevitable, and everybody is into selling something, whether it’s an idea, product, service, download, or a worthy cause. Just ensure, however, that whatever you have up for sale is worth the price you are asking. Readers are prone to move quickly away when the quality is way below the asking price.

The importance of Internet marketing is critical to the start and upkeep of a businesses and, therefore, should never be underestimated. If your business is to survive in today’s fast-expanding global market, then you must ensure that you are armed with the right strategies. This can only be had from selecting an online company that has a proven track record of delivering quality service continuously.

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April 19, 2013

Web Design Mistakes You Should Stay Away From

It is easy to make mistakes when you are new in the world of web design. This article will provide an overview of some common web design mistakes that beginners and experienced people make alike. It is important to acknowledge your mistakes so that you can move forward. You can’t keep moving in the same direction because the negative consequences will appear quickly.

Not having a search function

The search function allows the visitor to know immediately if your website provides the piece of information that he is looking for. The alternative for him would be to scan your content looking for that bit of info. This is not efficient though and the user may give up all in all and will end up looking somewhere else where the content is more readily available. Pay attention when implementing the search function because it can mislead visitors and your business may lose potential customers.

Having too little white space

White space is important on a website because it improves readability and directs the attention of the user toward the things that you really want him to see. The sign up button for example is sometimes buried in the page by lots of flash content. The sign up button will be missed and you will lose subscribers that may eventually turn into clients. If you will take a look at successful websites, you will notice that the web design is neat and there is lots of white space.

Another option to increase readability is by choosing large enough fonts and a white background. Choosing an image as a background doesn’t look professional. Since your purpose is to send the exact opposite message in order to establish trust, you must take all the necessary measures to look professional even though this includes seeking the help of a web design expert. All these techniques are used by Web Design Leicester in order to implement the best results.

Having pagination for the wrong reason

Pagination is useful when there is too much content on a single web page. Keeping lots of content on one page reduces the load time which annoys the user. Another thing that annoys the visitor is the unnecessary use of pagination. An article that may be very well displayed on a single page is broken down into several parts and displayed on multiple pages. The visitor has to click “Next” if he wants to see the rest of the article.

Site owners who make money out of advertisements choose to implement pagination because they want more page views. Still, they are not thinking about user experience and if you will also disregard this, you will notice a drop in the number of visitors unless you have really good content that can’t be found anywhere else. This also applies when your site looks like a MFA (made for Adsense). The user just can’t stand closing pop-up windows repeatedly. They neither understand why it is necessary to go to another page after reading only 100 words.

In conclusion, do the following to have a professionally looking website: don’t have pagination unless it helps the user, leave plenty of white space and implement a search function.

Resource box:

Alisa Martin is a freelance writer passionate about web design. She advises to get professional assistance from companies like Web Design Leicester to attract customers.

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April 15, 2013

SEO Optimization Services - How do they Boost the Traffic

Every organization that holds a web site should opt for Search Engine Optimization if they are trying hard to get their website as high as possible on Yahoo, Google or Bing search results page which is an ingredient of their growth strategy. At its basic part, "SEO" refers to finding techniques to boost your website's presence in the search results of the web visitors. This generally leads to more traffic to your website.
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April 10, 2013

Boost Rankings With Google Authorship Today


One of the newest tools offered by Google to help businesses stand out in Internet searches is Google Authorship. What it allows businesses to do is to interlink all their content through one easy system that follows them around the internet. Furthermore, it makes companies stand out in searches by placing their logo right next to their content. Not only does this help businesses climb to the top of search results, but it also helps them immediately stand out.

Google rankings are the search engine rankings that drive business in today’s world. Niche market businesses in particular, such as chicken coop manufacturers or 3rd party logistics providers, can really benefit from a rankings boost. All a business has to do is maintain relevant content on their blog and website, and get involved in relevant blogs elsewhere. This doesn’t mean they need to resort to traditionally complex SEO techniques. Google Authorship does all the heavy lifting.

How Does It Work?

Although Google Authorship is specifically designed for writers, it doesn’t mean that a small business can’t act as a writer. The internet is all about content. The only difference is in how the content is presented. Most businesses today are also blog content providers, and searches for meaningful content related to their market are powerful drivers of new traffic, which can easily be converted into new clients.

Setting It Up

Setting up Google Authorship is incredibly simple. The first step is to sign up with Google+. When setting up your company profile, make sure to include the logo as the profile picture. This Google+ page should be treated as a primary marketing tool in its own right.

The second thing you’ll need is a blog or a place online to fill with intelligent, industry-relevant content that can drive traffic. The most popular choice today for blog content is WordPress, but Authorship can be added to any byline on any website just as easily.

Once these two elements are set up, all you need to do is connect WordPress to your Google+ account. This is done by copying and pasting your profile link into your WordPress profile. In the latest versions of WordPress, all you need to do is go into the dashboard and look for the appropriate box, marked Google+.

The final step is to link your blog right back to Google+. You do this by entering the “Edit Profile” screen in your Google+ dashboard. Look for “Contributor to” and edit the list by adding your blog URL and any other website URL that contains your content.

That’s all there is to it. Wordpress versions 3.5 and up make it extremely easy to integrate Google Authorship.

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Can You Increase Profits With a Web Site?

When you are running a business, everything is about balancing your income versus your expenses. You just can't have high expenses and a low income. Your business will eventually go under. So running your business becomes a matter of increasing income and decreasing expenses; this sounds like a rather easy concept to put into action, but it can actually wind up being a little difficult, and that is why a lot of business fails.

Increasing Income

Increasing your business income always comes with an expense. One of the more popular ways that businesses all over the world have started to increase their income is by getting more exposure for their business. The more eyes that see their business, the more chances they have at increasing their income. You could think of it as fishing. The more bait you have in the water, the more fish you can catch.

What Are Businesses Doing to Reel In the Customers?

Most businesses are looking towards the digital age to get more customers. They are setting new sights on a digital horizon by creating valuable virtual real estate properties. These virtual real estate properties are called websites, but they come with an expense. So, businesses need to find a web agency London that is affordable and reliable.

What Is the Best Way to Do This?

Finding the answer to this question is why many businesses are scurrying around like rats. The answer is there hidden like a tiny morsel of food in the cellar. The easiest way to find a good reliable web agency is to look on the Internet. It only makes sense that a good web design company should also have a really good web presence of their own. If they are not on the Internet currently showcasing their talents, what makes them a leader in their field? Why would you want to hire them? The simple answer is this. You would not want to hire them.

Keep Your Eyes Open

When you are looking over your search results, pay very close attention to the design and layout structure of the companies that you are thinking about hiring. You can learn a lot about a company simply by visiting their website and taking a look around. Take everything in, and make sure you pay a visit to their online portfolio. This is where you really need to take out the magnifying glass and start scrutinizing everything that you see. This is where you will get the best idea of their past accomplishments and what the future may hold for you and your business website.

Just How Much is this Going to Cost You?

Remember the whole reason this was started was to increase income and lower costs. Don't overlook the costs associated with creating your new website. It can be really easy to fall in love with a design and then have buyer’s remorse once you see the bill. Most web design companies will offer some sort of price quote or estimate. Make sure you take full advantage of this.

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March 31, 2013

Why Should the Company Hire Dedicated SEO Expert ?


Give your site’s search engine ranking a rapid promotion by hiring devoted SEO professionals. You need to team up with a dedicated SEO team to provide your SEO campaign way in to a pool of SEO talents that ensures to develop increasing traffic incursion and ranking in all the leading search engines. Getting hired dedicated SEO team will facilitate your site to gain incomparable attention, thorough dedicated work; captivated proficiency and 100% end results. 

Now let’s have a look at some of the accessible profiles of few dedicated SEO professionals:

  • Search Engine Optimization Expert (SEO Professional)
  • Search Engine Optimization Content Writers (SEO Content writers)
  • Link building Expert
  • Social Media and Marketing Expert
  • Online Syndication Expert
Outcome you will get after hiring dedicated SEO Expert:
  • Dedicated pool of trained SEO resources with diverse specializations will work only for your site.
  • More efficiently economical in comparison to the in-house SEO
  • Well-organized management of SEO Program.
  • Well equipped of handling one to three websites simultaneously.
  • Instant response to your queries.
  • Enhances volume of traffic to your website.
  • Quality outcome as the dedicated exerts give direct control in addition to monitoring.
  • Promotes sites amongst social platforms.
  • Easy, reasonably priced without any hidden cost.
  • Completely ethical strategy, that delivers natural search engine outcome.

The factors that plays role in SEO or search engine optimization are frequently evolving by making use of a comprehensive strategy which involves numerous regulations and talents in several businesses, multiple departments. Given those aspects, are you better off outsourcing or hiring?

To be quite effective, SEO expert might require working with an editorial or communications team to make content that offer its planned service while integrating SEO. They must also be engaged with the company’s social networking strategy; work with development and design; advertising and other departments and practices.

One query that several companies enquire engages the speed of the evolution of Search Engine Optimization approaches over the past few years. What was once regarded to be up to standard SEO approaches now falls under black hat SEO banner or under the gray. Alterations that have been integrated by Google over the past two years have been radical and for the online industry, upsetting.

So, for all of these above mentioned reasons hiring dedicated SEO Experts is essential. So, for busy personnel maintaining the website ranking is not that easy in their busy schedule. Therefore, it is often found companies hire dedicated SEO Expert for top ranking on different Search Engines.

It is also found that dedicated hiring will cost you to be most economical. You can get in touch with the SEO Expert anytime he or she is online.

So, this might turn out to be the reasons behind any company opting for dedicated hiring.

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March 30, 2013

Infographic Related to "HTML5 - New Features & Attributes"

HTML 5 Advance Web Design Language Infographic

HTML5 is the best known for mobile devices and geolocation. There is no need for plug-ins or codec to embed video and render graphics. Awesome features are helpful to web developers for easy and smart work like hidden element, spellcheck, link prefetching, autofocus and much more features. Regarding HTML5 development & design, there are lots of online tools and resources like spritebox tool, 3D sketch tool, xray tool, audio maker tool and much more for creative work.

HTML5 brings many new and useful features based on the CSS, DOM and JavaScript. HTML5 is the only platform for the web that every business can develop new ideas. HTML5 has new attribute to embedded SVG and MathML inside a regular HTML/text file. New CSS presentational layouts, CSS multi-column and CSS flexible box use to improve the flexibility of designs. There are many effective features available only in HTML5 such as < canvas > element for 2D drawing, < video > / < audio > elements for media playback and many more for content like < article >, < footer >, < header >, < nav >, < section > etc. HTML5 is the best language for mobile or web based application development with satisfying all the needs of web developers and also creates their task easy and simple.

Created by: RightwaySolution.com

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Common Reasons & Method to Convert Photoshop to Image

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular applications largely used by graphic artists and professional photographers for editing and viewing image files. The image files created with this program have PSD file extension and are considered as Photoshop files. The Photoshop files are high quality images and are stored with the options like mask, multiple color mode, layers, multiple layers, and so on, which are specific to Adobe Photoshop.
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March 28, 2013

The Best SEO Techniques for 2013


Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the technique of increasing the volume of traffic to your website from search engine result pages. SEO plays an important role in Internet Marketing. SEO is divided into two parts, the off page optimization and on page optimization. Here are the best SEO tips which will help you to get the traffic to your website:

  • Quality of content: one of the important elements in SEO is creating a quality content. If you don’t have a high quality and unique article, then your website will not have high ranking on the web.
  • Article length: The quality of the content matters not the quantity. Therefore, don’t write useless sentences for increasing the word count.
  • HTML tags: Important tags for SEO in HTML are: Meta description tag, alt tag, H1 and H2 tag and title tag.
  • Link Building: It is one of the off-page optimization techniques of SEO. While building the links you must consider the following factors so as to increase traffic to website:
    •  Build quality backlinks
    • Create do-follow and no follow links
    • Don’t use automated software to make backlinks
    • Don’t use any fake method to build links as it is against the rules of Google

Here are some tricks which will help you to create powerful back links:

  • Guest posting
  • Article submission
  • Blog commenting
  • Forum Posting
  • Web directories submission
  • Keyword research: It determines the online success. You have to choose those keywords which are popular and can be easily ranked. There is a tool named Google Adword which will help to select the best keywords for your website.
  • Placement of keywords: Once the main keywords are chosen, then you just have to set those main keywords at correct places so as to get your website listed in Google:
  • You must include main keywords to title tag.
  • You must include the main keyword to post URL
  • You must add main keywords to Meta description tag.
  • Include sitemap to your blog: You must add a sitemap to your blog. If WordPress is your blogging platform, then use plug-in like XML sitemaps for generating sitemap.
  • Social media marketing: Share your articles, images, graphics on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more. Promoting and sharing your information on these sites is beneficial as these sites are visited by most of the people regularly.

There are many SEO companies which offer guaranteed SEO Services and include all of the above services. Most of the companies hire SEO services as it requires time and is a continuous process.

Logo design:  It is essential for every business to convey its unique message clearly. The easiest way to distinguish any company from others and to recognize it easily is by its logo.

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February 23, 2013

Tips For Designing an SEO Friendly Website

Every business wants to promote their profiles, services and products because customer should be aware of the business. SEO has become a tool for business people because it suits all businesses. SEO was founded because it saves time, gains profits, and makes money. SEO has been successful in business market. In this article, let’s discuss some SEO friendly guidelines. SEO improves the visibility of website. You need to spend more hours to improve the design of website to be a top contender for SEO. To do this we need to follow some tips to improve the user experience.
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Top 4 Mistakes that Should be Avoided While Blogging

Starting a blog is obviously quite easy but it is equally difficult to maintain it efficiently. In order to carve out a niche on this vast online platform it is quite a necessity to publish regular blogs that would help your customers to get educated about your product. There are various things that one needs to keep in mind in order to ensure a fresh blog that would help your customers. In this article we will discuss the top 4 mistakes that one should avoid to make it effective.
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February 3, 2013

Exploring the E-Mail Newsletter Signup Form



There are many websites today that have an Email Newsletter Signup Form, the main purpose of which is email marketing. When you visit a website, you might be presented with such a form. If visitors want to get connected to a site, they fill the signup form detailing their email address, expecting to get newsletters with useful tips and tutorials and know more about any latest product releases, free eBooks etc. Email marketing offers a great selling point for your website. Websites get hold of such email addressed through the visitors to the site by offering them a signup form. It is important to design an effective sign up form, as a badly designed one can drive clients and visitors away. However, very often, web site designers don’t treat this as a priority issue. Signup forms need to be created with great care and diligence.
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January 31, 2013

What Is The Importance of World Wide Web ?

The online world has been the most important element in the humans world. Most of the businesses and varied applications have been used to mark the impact of the online world. The World Wide Web is nothing but a means of virtual connection so that anything and everything can be connected in the so called world. The inter-networking effect has a great impact on the way people use this. There have been so many varied usage of internet that becomes easy to say that WWW has become the most vital element in a humans life and nothing can replace it. It is quite evident that if one day the whole inter connection gets cancelled then the whole world will seem to move back centuries even though the existence of WWW has been not so many years long.
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January 27, 2013

12 Creative product packaging designs

Product packaging design is all too often ignored in the commercial world, which means that when a product is packaged creatively & beautifully, it really stands out. As products sitting on store shelves cry out for attention, it’s the product packaging that can mean the difference between what gets bought and what gets left behind. And creative, interesting & thoughtfully designed packaging can also make the actual product seem better – you only have to look at the unboxing videos of Apple’s MacBooks and iPhones on YouTube to see that buying a beautifully packaged product can be more like an event than just a simple, everyday purchase.

We’ve put together a showcase of creative, inspiring and beautifully packaged products that stand out from the crowd. Hopefully they’ll inspire you in your next graphic design project.

Panasonic Note Headphones

Five Organic Olive Oil

Domoooo! Attack Energy Drink

The Hill Station

Key Cola

Saxton Cider

Hand Crafted Maple Syrup

Nike Stadium Box

Organic Brewer Concept Beer

Authentico Mezcal Alacran


Dearly Beloved

Eenie Meenie

Star Wars Duracell Concept

Have you found any interesting & creative product packaging examples that deserve a mention? Let us know in the comments.

Alex writes for printing experts Print Express, who specialise in postcards, posters & business cards. In his spare time he studies graphic & web design and is learning to code.

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January 26, 2013

Creative Landing Page Designs Showcase

When you're promoting an app, service or product, your landing page is one of the biggest influencers on the number of sales you make. It becomes the first port of call for someone who has only just heard about your product and it's the first thing they come into contact with that shows them who you are. It represents your brand, your company's personality and the style, quality and performance of the product or service that you're selling.

It stands to reason, then, that a beautifully designed, well crafted landing page will instil confidence in the visitor. A well made marketing page is often the result of a well made product. If it looks good, and answers their questions and concerns in a compelling manner, then it can lead to more sales and more people spreading the word. Of course, the reverse is true too - a poorly designed marketing page can lead to a lower conversion rate and fewer people talking about you. Ultimately, and this is especially true for smaller startups - products can live or die by the strength of their landing page.

That's why we've brought together a collection of some of the best designed, thoughtfully crafted landing pages we could find. If you're working on designing a brand new landing page, or you're looking at adapting an existing marketing site, we hope this collection gives you the inspiration you need to succeed.






Application Craft










Alex writes for Print Express, who specialise in flyers, postcards and business cards. In his spare time he enjoys studying graphic and web design.

Have you found any beautifully designed landing pages that you think deserve to be included in our showcase? Let us know in the comments.

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January 13, 2013

Seo Readable text: Reality or Fiction

The fact that the text component site is important, no doubt. In addition to the information, text, often has a second, equally important, component.

At a time when many companies (even the giants of the market) are cutting budgets for outdoor advertising and advertising media, moderate cost online promotion is gaining momentum. Today the site was more relevant than ever, and with it the increased need for professional seo-texts.

Ad text - tool to influence consumer

The desire to minimize the loss of precious minutes in the world of eternal vanity and lack of time, of course. This applies to all areas of life: modern man carefully trying not to be distracted "for nothing."For information, imposed from the outside, the inhabitants of megacities ruthless. Flyers and posters, pasted in the abundance of the city, at best, can only rely on the fleeting attention of the audience.Short-time delay consumer attitudes to advertising poster is considered to be 100% victory for the advertisement. During this short time subconsciously evaluate the proposal: useful, useless.

However, you can talk about when the consumer himself is looking for information. Visiting the store, browsing ads or going to the website, the first thing he wants to see the "substance" - the most important thing, for what turned. Based on this truth, vendors try to avoid text information, as saturating resource images. However, despite the assurances of the best psychologists in the readability and comprehensibility of pictures, when not one illustration, advertising copy has been one of the main instruments of influence on the consumer .

Indeed, how else to explain the difference between your proposal and the work of competitors? How to format illustrations depict the actions and their results? Of course, the comic has not been canceled, but they often do not go without a text component. If we are talking about a complex advertising message, the role of the text is difficult to underestimate.

What is seo-text, and what are its characteristics?

Thanks to a professional resource optimization can attract new customers and retain old ones.However, in this text conversation is not about the benefits of improving the position. Important to us is another: seo-text - a powerful component of an effective optimization.

Seo-text - Text information rich keywords (search terms).

Basket and the density of their inclusion in the text by the Technical team, then enters the scene specialist in language virtuoso own words, a man of the text - a copywriter. It was from his skills depends on how the user will perceive life: eyes linger or leave the site after reading the first few lines.

The main task of the copywriter is to line up the text according to his request words: do not add or subtract. Sometimes the inclusion of keywords density is so high that compliance with technical requirements seem a daunting task. That the conditions were met TK, and the text of the numerous repetitions lost appeal, the copywriter has to be creative.

Adjust the flow of thought, or how not to turn text into a routine

Two major issues of human writing: an excess of ideas and the lack of them. In all important measure.When writing text for web without a sense of "golden mean" can not do.

Dry laconic text will be of little interest, not "hook", not ignite the desire to choose you.

Unnecessarily lengthy discourse on its own merits and the merits they bored even the most patient.

Discard the moralizing, avoid duplication or use of expressions without semantic load. The phrase "Hello, thank you for your visit," "We are grateful for the attention," or "Hello, we are proud to offer" better left to the more appropriate cases. Bow and scrape and take away the idea of ​​narrative in the side - bad form. It begins boldly and succinctly. The customer came to you for spiritual conversation, he is looking for information / goods - do not build their own hands obstacles in his path. Boring titles, overcast start, rambling sentences can deter (and probably scare off) to write to you man. Everyone appreciates the time.

Dear customers - offer quality solutions.

The principle of "inverted pyramid"

This method is familiar to graduates of journalism. It is indispensable for those who are for the abundance of ideas and thoughts loses the point. Talk a lot does not mean to say in the case.Remember, as a classic: "Brevity - the soul of wit."

The inverted pyramid - the design, tapering down. Just looks like a good sales letter: first, the most powerful argument, then the lyrics (but better not). Due to this we are reducing to accept no risk to bore the reader before it gets to the point.

School essays and seo-text: differences and similarities

Remember in school we were taught to write essays? First - name, then-entry, then - the main part and conclusion. The same principle often hold promotional texts, in particular, seo-text.

Chaotic lyrics anyone ever attracted. Remember how hard to read the letter in which the authors succumb to emotions: the complete absence of logic, disconnected fragments of thoughts, broken phrases ... If the creation of such an effect is not included in your ideas, watch the structure of the presentation.

It is extremely useful prior to the build plan: to select the arguments to consider their place in the text, and only then get to work.

Balanced structure - a guarantee that you not only hear, but understand!

And most importantly, let everyone do their job: school - write compositions, copywriters - generate ideas and create readable text!

Choose a reliable partner, then the resource will not be idle without visitors.

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How to earn money on your own blog

Here you will learn how you can start making money on the internet itself - the project that does not require initial capital.

If you happen to find a job that does not work, do not despair and blame the crisis. Need to benefit from the huge amount of free time, which, as a rule, has unemployed. Here you will learn how you can earn on your own Internet - the project that does not require start-up capital, knowledge of legal intricacies of business and other constraints that stand in the way of your financial health.

I'm talking about creating your own online blog, which, with enough desire and perseverance, you can turn a highly profitable business, at a cost not much time. Here I will explain how to make money by publishing their own thoughts, ideas, articles or any other material. Just do not think that you need only create a blog, and the money will flow to you the river - no, it needs to not only carefully read and write correctly, you still own intelligence, perseverance and creative myshleniem.Vy have to really want to succeed in earnings on the blog .

The basic requirement for a blogger who wants to make money on your project - it must have perseverance to write regularly (it regularly, but not much) and qualitatively (interesting, educated article). Also need to be patient because the wait will result from the blog for some time (a month or two or more), and what result you get depends on you.

Think about what you would be interested in writing

This is important, because in the first place, the subject of the blog should be interesting to you. Write on uninteresting topics difficult. Blog does not have to be dedicated to make money on the Internet.There are lots of things that people are interested. This can be a blog about cars, gardening, cooking, politics, or pictures, even blog about blogs, in short, everything that might interest other people. However, to choose a very narrow subject is also not necessary. For example, a blog about trout fishing in Transcarpathia is unlikely to attract a lot of readers, in contrast, for example, a blog about fishing in general. But you should not try to cover as many topics - readers come to you, to learn about fishing, and not on the new features Windows Mobile 6.5. To attract loyal readers need to create a blog on a topic of interest to you.

The choice of hosting and domain

Now the Internet has a lot of free services for creating your own blog . I personally do not recommend using free services such as blogger or livejournal, although on these blogs can earn quite good money. They are very limited in terms of editing content and advertising, that is, Many ways to earn money are available to you. In addition, free blogs are less popular among potential advertisers than those second-level domain (moy_blog.ru). When choosing a domain name of your blog pay particular attention to this, pick a name that would have indicated something about the site. For example, Petin_blog.ru hardly something to say to a potential visitor, then as Ribalka.ua says that the blog is dedicated to fishing. If possible, the name should be short, that it was easy to remember, and, of course, by anyone not yet occupied.

Engine for blog (CMS)

Engines for blogs, there are many, but among the most popular free and functional - this is WordPress (russifitsirovat WordPress). Its very easy to install, having even basic skills. Personally, I did not even possessing the knowledge of HTML-layout. All you need to do - is to follow the instructions that came with the distro. You will need to also make a suitable design for the blog, that is, choose a theme (you can find on the net weight so Russified).

You have chosen to subject the blog hosting and bought a second-level domain, found there Wordpress, preferably the latest version (from the site ru.wordpress.org). There you will find instructions and tips for working with the site. It only remains to write regularly to your blog article (fill content) that would increase traffic to your resource, without which, in fact make a lot of money will not work.

And in order to increase traffic to your blog should also work, but in the other direction. Your site should not be very long name, which would pass it to the main point. Come up with a short name of the site, reflecting its basic meaning, and only a short name can write a detailed explanation.

Your first readers should be your same friends - send out a link to your blog, let them comment on your writing and share links with others - this will increase your blog audience.

Comment on other people's blogs on similar topics, leave a link to your blog - it is likely that visitors to other blogs as well, and will be your regular readers. Write articles on your topic on various resources of similar subjects, leaving the text link, which read: "Here you will find more articles about fishing."This text is important and it is called the Anchor or anchor. And it will be taken into account in the formation of a search engine query result. The more the text closer to the query text, the higher your blog will be in the search results.

Thus, the main task is done: you have a blog, the blog has an interesting article, and they, in turn, read the regular visitors, albeit these do not very much. It's time to monetize their work, start making money on your blog. Make money on a blog can be many ways. You need to select the most simple and effective. Personally I would suggest the following method: pay

Place links in the posts, writing paid reviews

Most bloggers earn, putting paid links at the end of posts (called guards). These links are set once and stay forever. To find customers for guards links, register on or Blogun J2J.ru (can be both).There, you will surely find wishing to place a link at the end of your article.

Affiliate Programs

There are sites that give you the opportunity to get involved in reward for your blog readers or customers. After registering you will receive a unique link, place it at home and will receive money for the people who come to your unique link. Affiliate programs are now a huge number can be found on any subject.

Direct sale of advertising space on the blog

You can also earn a place on your site banner ads and text links. To find customers, create a special section "Advertising", where it will display your prices. You can also send suggestions sites of similar subjects. Advertiser contact you, you make an agreement, make money and get a discount for placing a banner or text link.

Contextual advertising

This is the text ads that appear on your blog. You get paid for referrals from your site to the links in these ads. Make money on contextual advertising offers Google, Yandex, Begun and the system.

Selling links through specialized automated systems

Log on Sape or Xap and get paid for posting on your blog different advertising options. The more pages on your site and the higher the site (TIC, PageRank), the more you will be able to eventually earn.

Writing custom papers

Try to write articles on the variety of customized services, products, and so on. Advertiser provides you with a product, you are familiar with it (the product) and write a laudatory review on this product.Here payment usually depends on the number of characters.

These are the basic techniques that help to make money on your own blog. The more you will have visitors (traffic), so, consequently, the more income you can get. If your traffic is doubled, it is likely, and profit also will double. So, try to attract more visitors, and it will provide you with good income on your own blog.

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