January 1, 2013

Cool and useful photo editing apps for photography

Whether you are a professional photographer or an occasional snapper, there are lots of apps which help you to edit your photos that you have captured. There are many apps through which you can edit your photo in a desired way just by one click. You can modify your friends’ photos in odd or wonderful ways. Here are some photo editing apps which allow you to edit, capture, styling, share photos etc.

Instagram: It is certainly the best mobile photo editing app. It comes with certain features like linear, filters and radial tilt-shift effects and also auto enhancing features known as Lux, this features lux allows you to modify contrast, colour of photos very easily, and tone. You can download this app from the iTunes.

Photosynth: Photosynth is Microsoft’s technology; it is best landscape capturing and also sharing apps, best photo editing app from Microsoft. Many of the editing apps will not allow you edit in 360 degrees but this Photosynth allows you to do so both horizontal and vertically. It also permits you to capture whole surroundings at one shot. Operating is very simple and results are flawless.

Adobe Photoshop Express: Adobe Photoshop is also called as the Photo shop for smart phones. It is a easy manageable image editing tool to have on your device. This app can edit image styles which includes crop, rotate, flip, colour adjustments like saturation, contrast and exposure etc.

Piictu: It is a simple and unique app for capturing and editing the photos for fun. Users from throughout the world upload their photos to this apps store and answer each other’s uploaded photos with some other photos or piics. For example someone uploads a photo with some question then you can also reply for it with a screenshot and can even suggest some tips for them.

Pudding.to: It is also called as instagram substitute and is an improved cross platform for iOS and android. With this app you can capture a photo, tilt shift effect, can apply filters, and share photos on the networks like twitter, Facebook. You can also connect with users near to your location, upload and share your photos.

Magic Hour Lite: It is having well-crafted crossing point and also some of the fashioning instruments. It possess nearly 40 in built filters, limitless gathering of downloadable etc. The main use of this app is to generate and upload own photos and also adjusting current ones.

IRetouch Free: It improves your photo clarity and also some of the minor flaws. It is having user friendly interface and some of the photo editing tools for cropping, resizing, colour adjustments, rotating etc. by using this app we can remove the unwanted items from the images. It is a best substitute to the Touch Retouch.

If you are professional photographer and want to purchase some of the photo editing apps which helpful for your profession, as they are expensive and if you are short of funds then you can opt for payday loans.


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