January 27, 2013

12 Creative product packaging designs

Product packaging design is all too often ignored in the commercial world, which means that when a product is packaged creatively & beautifully, it really stands out. As products sitting on store shelves cry out for attention, it’s the product packaging that can mean the difference between what gets bought and what gets left behind. And creative, interesting & thoughtfully designed packaging can also make the actual product seem better – you only have to look at the unboxing videos of Apple’s MacBooks and iPhones on YouTube to see that buying a beautifully packaged product can be more like an event than just a simple, everyday purchase.

We’ve put together a showcase of creative, inspiring and beautifully packaged products that stand out from the crowd. Hopefully they’ll inspire you in your next graphic design project.

Panasonic Note Headphones

Five Organic Olive Oil

Domoooo! Attack Energy Drink

The Hill Station

Key Cola

Saxton Cider

Hand Crafted Maple Syrup

Nike Stadium Box

Organic Brewer Concept Beer

Authentico Mezcal Alacran


Dearly Beloved

Eenie Meenie

Star Wars Duracell Concept

Have you found any interesting & creative product packaging examples that deserve a mention? Let us know in the comments.

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