January 13, 2013

How to earn money on your own blog

Here you will learn how you can start making money on the internet itself - the project that does not require initial capital.

If you happen to find a job that does not work, do not despair and blame the crisis. Need to benefit from the huge amount of free time, which, as a rule, has unemployed. Here you will learn how you can earn on your own Internet - the project that does not require start-up capital, knowledge of legal intricacies of business and other constraints that stand in the way of your financial health.

I'm talking about creating your own online blog, which, with enough desire and perseverance, you can turn a highly profitable business, at a cost not much time. Here I will explain how to make money by publishing their own thoughts, ideas, articles or any other material. Just do not think that you need only create a blog, and the money will flow to you the river - no, it needs to not only carefully read and write correctly, you still own intelligence, perseverance and creative myshleniem.Vy have to really want to succeed in earnings on the blog .

The basic requirement for a blogger who wants to make money on your project - it must have perseverance to write regularly (it regularly, but not much) and qualitatively (interesting, educated article). Also need to be patient because the wait will result from the blog for some time (a month or two or more), and what result you get depends on you.

Think about what you would be interested in writing

This is important, because in the first place, the subject of the blog should be interesting to you. Write on uninteresting topics difficult. Blog does not have to be dedicated to make money on the Internet.There are lots of things that people are interested. This can be a blog about cars, gardening, cooking, politics, or pictures, even blog about blogs, in short, everything that might interest other people. However, to choose a very narrow subject is also not necessary. For example, a blog about trout fishing in Transcarpathia is unlikely to attract a lot of readers, in contrast, for example, a blog about fishing in general. But you should not try to cover as many topics - readers come to you, to learn about fishing, and not on the new features Windows Mobile 6.5. To attract loyal readers need to create a blog on a topic of interest to you.

The choice of hosting and domain

Now the Internet has a lot of free services for creating your own blog . I personally do not recommend using free services such as blogger or livejournal, although on these blogs can earn quite good money. They are very limited in terms of editing content and advertising, that is, Many ways to earn money are available to you. In addition, free blogs are less popular among potential advertisers than those second-level domain (moy_blog.ru). When choosing a domain name of your blog pay particular attention to this, pick a name that would have indicated something about the site. For example, Petin_blog.ru hardly something to say to a potential visitor, then as Ribalka.ua says that the blog is dedicated to fishing. If possible, the name should be short, that it was easy to remember, and, of course, by anyone not yet occupied.

Engine for blog (CMS)

Engines for blogs, there are many, but among the most popular free and functional - this is WordPress (russifitsirovat WordPress). Its very easy to install, having even basic skills. Personally, I did not even possessing the knowledge of HTML-layout. All you need to do - is to follow the instructions that came with the distro. You will need to also make a suitable design for the blog, that is, choose a theme (you can find on the net weight so Russified).

You have chosen to subject the blog hosting and bought a second-level domain, found there Wordpress, preferably the latest version (from the site ru.wordpress.org). There you will find instructions and tips for working with the site. It only remains to write regularly to your blog article (fill content) that would increase traffic to your resource, without which, in fact make a lot of money will not work.

And in order to increase traffic to your blog should also work, but in the other direction. Your site should not be very long name, which would pass it to the main point. Come up with a short name of the site, reflecting its basic meaning, and only a short name can write a detailed explanation.

Your first readers should be your same friends - send out a link to your blog, let them comment on your writing and share links with others - this will increase your blog audience.

Comment on other people's blogs on similar topics, leave a link to your blog - it is likely that visitors to other blogs as well, and will be your regular readers. Write articles on your topic on various resources of similar subjects, leaving the text link, which read: "Here you will find more articles about fishing."This text is important and it is called the Anchor or anchor. And it will be taken into account in the formation of a search engine query result. The more the text closer to the query text, the higher your blog will be in the search results.

Thus, the main task is done: you have a blog, the blog has an interesting article, and they, in turn, read the regular visitors, albeit these do not very much. It's time to monetize their work, start making money on your blog. Make money on a blog can be many ways. You need to select the most simple and effective. Personally I would suggest the following method: pay

Place links in the posts, writing paid reviews

Most bloggers earn, putting paid links at the end of posts (called guards). These links are set once and stay forever. To find customers for guards links, register on or Blogun J2J.ru (can be both).There, you will surely find wishing to place a link at the end of your article.

Affiliate Programs

There are sites that give you the opportunity to get involved in reward for your blog readers or customers. After registering you will receive a unique link, place it at home and will receive money for the people who come to your unique link. Affiliate programs are now a huge number can be found on any subject.

Direct sale of advertising space on the blog

You can also earn a place on your site banner ads and text links. To find customers, create a special section "Advertising", where it will display your prices. You can also send suggestions sites of similar subjects. Advertiser contact you, you make an agreement, make money and get a discount for placing a banner or text link.

Contextual advertising

This is the text ads that appear on your blog. You get paid for referrals from your site to the links in these ads. Make money on contextual advertising offers Google, Yandex, Begun and the system.

Selling links through specialized automated systems

Log on Sape or Xap and get paid for posting on your blog different advertising options. The more pages on your site and the higher the site (TIC, PageRank), the more you will be able to eventually earn.

Writing custom papers

Try to write articles on the variety of customized services, products, and so on. Advertiser provides you with a product, you are familiar with it (the product) and write a laudatory review on this product.Here payment usually depends on the number of characters.

These are the basic techniques that help to make money on your own blog. The more you will have visitors (traffic), so, consequently, the more income you can get. If your traffic is doubled, it is likely, and profit also will double. So, try to attract more visitors, and it will provide you with good income on your own blog.


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