January 13, 2013

Seo Readable text: Reality or Fiction

The fact that the text component site is important, no doubt. In addition to the information, text, often has a second, equally important, component.

At a time when many companies (even the giants of the market) are cutting budgets for outdoor advertising and advertising media, moderate cost online promotion is gaining momentum. Today the site was more relevant than ever, and with it the increased need for professional seo-texts.

Ad text - tool to influence consumer

The desire to minimize the loss of precious minutes in the world of eternal vanity and lack of time, of course. This applies to all areas of life: modern man carefully trying not to be distracted "for nothing."For information, imposed from the outside, the inhabitants of megacities ruthless. Flyers and posters, pasted in the abundance of the city, at best, can only rely on the fleeting attention of the audience.Short-time delay consumer attitudes to advertising poster is considered to be 100% victory for the advertisement. During this short time subconsciously evaluate the proposal: useful, useless.

However, you can talk about when the consumer himself is looking for information. Visiting the store, browsing ads or going to the website, the first thing he wants to see the "substance" - the most important thing, for what turned. Based on this truth, vendors try to avoid text information, as saturating resource images. However, despite the assurances of the best psychologists in the readability and comprehensibility of pictures, when not one illustration, advertising copy has been one of the main instruments of influence on the consumer .

Indeed, how else to explain the difference between your proposal and the work of competitors? How to format illustrations depict the actions and their results? Of course, the comic has not been canceled, but they often do not go without a text component. If we are talking about a complex advertising message, the role of the text is difficult to underestimate.

What is seo-text, and what are its characteristics?

Thanks to a professional resource optimization can attract new customers and retain old ones.However, in this text conversation is not about the benefits of improving the position. Important to us is another: seo-text - a powerful component of an effective optimization.

Seo-text - Text information rich keywords (search terms).

Basket and the density of their inclusion in the text by the Technical team, then enters the scene specialist in language virtuoso own words, a man of the text - a copywriter. It was from his skills depends on how the user will perceive life: eyes linger or leave the site after reading the first few lines.

The main task of the copywriter is to line up the text according to his request words: do not add or subtract. Sometimes the inclusion of keywords density is so high that compliance with technical requirements seem a daunting task. That the conditions were met TK, and the text of the numerous repetitions lost appeal, the copywriter has to be creative.

Adjust the flow of thought, or how not to turn text into a routine

Two major issues of human writing: an excess of ideas and the lack of them. In all important measure.When writing text for web without a sense of "golden mean" can not do.

Dry laconic text will be of little interest, not "hook", not ignite the desire to choose you.

Unnecessarily lengthy discourse on its own merits and the merits they bored even the most patient.

Discard the moralizing, avoid duplication or use of expressions without semantic load. The phrase "Hello, thank you for your visit," "We are grateful for the attention," or "Hello, we are proud to offer" better left to the more appropriate cases. Bow and scrape and take away the idea of ​​narrative in the side - bad form. It begins boldly and succinctly. The customer came to you for spiritual conversation, he is looking for information / goods - do not build their own hands obstacles in his path. Boring titles, overcast start, rambling sentences can deter (and probably scare off) to write to you man. Everyone appreciates the time.

Dear customers - offer quality solutions.

The principle of "inverted pyramid"

This method is familiar to graduates of journalism. It is indispensable for those who are for the abundance of ideas and thoughts loses the point. Talk a lot does not mean to say in the case.Remember, as a classic: "Brevity - the soul of wit."

The inverted pyramid - the design, tapering down. Just looks like a good sales letter: first, the most powerful argument, then the lyrics (but better not). Due to this we are reducing to accept no risk to bore the reader before it gets to the point.

School essays and seo-text: differences and similarities

Remember in school we were taught to write essays? First - name, then-entry, then - the main part and conclusion. The same principle often hold promotional texts, in particular, seo-text.

Chaotic lyrics anyone ever attracted. Remember how hard to read the letter in which the authors succumb to emotions: the complete absence of logic, disconnected fragments of thoughts, broken phrases ... If the creation of such an effect is not included in your ideas, watch the structure of the presentation.

It is extremely useful prior to the build plan: to select the arguments to consider their place in the text, and only then get to work.

Balanced structure - a guarantee that you not only hear, but understand!

And most importantly, let everyone do their job: school - write compositions, copywriters - generate ideas and create readable text!

Choose a reliable partner, then the resource will not be idle without visitors.


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