March 30, 2013

Common Reasons & Method to Convert Photoshop to Image
Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular applications largely used by graphic artists and professional photographers for editing and viewing image files. The image files created with this program have PSD file extension and are considered as Photoshop files. The Photoshop files are high quality images and are stored with the options like mask, multiple color mode, layers, multiple layers, and so on, which are specific to Adobe Photoshop.
Though layers give so many useful options to users as they can make good changes in the images, but despite the usefulness of these files, there are times when problems are encountered with this image format. Some of the commonly seen issues with PSD image files are:

PSD files are only supported by very few image editors, thus you can not think this image format as universal and use everywhere, which is one of the biggest flaws of this format.

PSD files generally take very large amount of space as it has so many features (all of which are really not required in a PSD). The property to take large space many times creates problems when storage capacity is a constraint and when you have to use these images for web.

These are some of the problems which make your PSD file difficult to be used in all environments with all computers. The best way to overcome such problems of Photoshop files is to convert them to more usable image files having JPEG, BMP, or any such extensions. Let us take a practical example to understand such case wherein a user used Adobe Photoshop to make her images livelier, but became unable to upload them:

Diana - a web designing student does some freelance work at home. On her first assignment, she has to make a website more attractive by changing and editing the existing images. For this she opened a JPEG image used on that website in Adobe Photoshop. It was a black and white picture hence to fill colors in some parts of it she used the layers/curves property. The image became colorful as she added the changes; however it saved as PSD automatically after the change and then she came across the problem wherein she needed some means to convert PSD to Image. She precisely needed a tool that can convert the PSD to JPEG (an image format that is used for the images that can be uploaded onto the web).

However, after searching over the internet, she got to know that there are tools which can convert PSD to JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, etc image formats. After a thorough search she got to know about one of the largely appreciated PSD to Image converter software, changed the PSD image to JPEG, and completed her first job successfully.

Professional PSD to image converter tools can convert large sized Photoshop (.PSD) files to different image formats. Generally a reliable tool performs lossless conversion of the files and enables you to select the output settings of the converted image. The intuitive user interface of these tools guides you throughout the recovery process and facilitates you to search your file in selected drive, if its location is unknown.

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