March 30, 2013

Infographic Related to "HTML5 - New Features & Attributes"

HTML 5 Advance Web Design Language Infographic

HTML5 is the best known for mobile devices and geolocation. There is no need for plug-ins or codec to embed video and render graphics. Awesome features are helpful to web developers for easy and smart work like hidden element, spellcheck, link prefetching, autofocus and much more features. Regarding HTML5 development & design, there are lots of online tools and resources like spritebox tool, 3D sketch tool, xray tool, audio maker tool and much more for creative work.

HTML5 brings many new and useful features based on the CSS, DOM and JavaScript. HTML5 is the only platform for the web that every business can develop new ideas. HTML5 has new attribute to embedded SVG and MathML inside a regular HTML/text file. New CSS presentational layouts, CSS multi-column and CSS flexible box use to improve the flexibility of designs. There are many effective features available only in HTML5 such as < canvas > element for 2D drawing, < video > / < audio > elements for media playback and many more for content like < article >, < footer >, < header >, < nav >, < section > etc. HTML5 is the best language for mobile or web based application development with satisfying all the needs of web developers and also creates their task easy and simple.

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