April 10, 2013

Boost Rankings With Google Authorship Today


One of the newest tools offered by Google to help businesses stand out in Internet searches is Google Authorship. What it allows businesses to do is to interlink all their content through one easy system that follows them around the internet. Furthermore, it makes companies stand out in searches by placing their logo right next to their content. Not only does this help businesses climb to the top of search results, but it also helps them immediately stand out.

Google rankings are the search engine rankings that drive business in today’s world. Niche market businesses in particular, such as chicken coop manufacturers or 3rd party logistics providers, can really benefit from a rankings boost. All a business has to do is maintain relevant content on their blog and website, and get involved in relevant blogs elsewhere. This doesn’t mean they need to resort to traditionally complex SEO techniques. Google Authorship does all the heavy lifting.

How Does It Work?

Although Google Authorship is specifically designed for writers, it doesn’t mean that a small business can’t act as a writer. The internet is all about content. The only difference is in how the content is presented. Most businesses today are also blog content providers, and searches for meaningful content related to their market are powerful drivers of new traffic, which can easily be converted into new clients.

Setting It Up

Setting up Google Authorship is incredibly simple. The first step is to sign up with Google+. When setting up your company profile, make sure to include the logo as the profile picture. This Google+ page should be treated as a primary marketing tool in its own right.

The second thing you’ll need is a blog or a place online to fill with intelligent, industry-relevant content that can drive traffic. The most popular choice today for blog content is WordPress, but Authorship can be added to any byline on any website just as easily.

Once these two elements are set up, all you need to do is connect WordPress to your Google+ account. This is done by copying and pasting your profile link into your WordPress profile. In the latest versions of WordPress, all you need to do is go into the dashboard and look for the appropriate box, marked Google+.

The final step is to link your blog right back to Google+. You do this by entering the “Edit Profile” screen in your Google+ dashboard. Look for “Contributor to” and edit the list by adding your blog URL and any other website URL that contains your content.

That’s all there is to it. Wordpress versions 3.5 and up make it extremely easy to integrate Google Authorship.


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