April 19, 2013

Web Design Mistakes You Should Stay Away From

It is easy to make mistakes when you are new in the world of web design. This article will provide an overview of some common web design mistakes that beginners and experienced people make alike. It is important to acknowledge your mistakes so that you can move forward. You can’t keep moving in the same direction because the negative consequences will appear quickly.

Not having a search function

The search function allows the visitor to know immediately if your website provides the piece of information that he is looking for. The alternative for him would be to scan your content looking for that bit of info. This is not efficient though and the user may give up all in all and will end up looking somewhere else where the content is more readily available. Pay attention when implementing the search function because it can mislead visitors and your business may lose potential customers.

Having too little white space

White space is important on a website because it improves readability and directs the attention of the user toward the things that you really want him to see. The sign up button for example is sometimes buried in the page by lots of flash content. The sign up button will be missed and you will lose subscribers that may eventually turn into clients. If you will take a look at successful websites, you will notice that the web design is neat and there is lots of white space.

Another option to increase readability is by choosing large enough fonts and a white background. Choosing an image as a background doesn’t look professional. Since your purpose is to send the exact opposite message in order to establish trust, you must take all the necessary measures to look professional even though this includes seeking the help of a web design expert. All these techniques are used by Web Design Leicester in order to implement the best results.

Having pagination for the wrong reason

Pagination is useful when there is too much content on a single web page. Keeping lots of content on one page reduces the load time which annoys the user. Another thing that annoys the visitor is the unnecessary use of pagination. An article that may be very well displayed on a single page is broken down into several parts and displayed on multiple pages. The visitor has to click “Next” if he wants to see the rest of the article.

Site owners who make money out of advertisements choose to implement pagination because they want more page views. Still, they are not thinking about user experience and if you will also disregard this, you will notice a drop in the number of visitors unless you have really good content that can’t be found anywhere else. This also applies when your site looks like a MFA (made for Adsense). The user just can’t stand closing pop-up windows repeatedly. They neither understand why it is necessary to go to another page after reading only 100 words.

In conclusion, do the following to have a professionally looking website: don’t have pagination unless it helps the user, leave plenty of white space and implement a search function.

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