May 6, 2013

Some Useful Techniques For Web Designing

Well, it is said that SEO or Search Engine Optimization is mainly developing and improvising the web content for many websites and increasing the rank positions in the search results. It is not exactly true because web designing is evenly mandatory for increasing the website rankings in SERPs. There are various techniques for helping the designers to come up with innovative, enhanced and search engine compatible websites.


A web designing firm has to focus on making a simple and attractive navigation option in the website. It is to be noted that fancy navigations in websites cannot be detected by search engines effectively. A search engine intuitive and compatible navigation facility can help in making the task easier for Yahoo! and Google robots. Therefore, it is mandatory to use web platforms/services such as CSS, PHP, and JavaScript etc. instead of animated software such as Adobe Flash.

Effective URL

The Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is the most important element in websites. Therefore, the web developers create search-friendly and reliable URLs with utmost importance for every website. Query information and other details that are irrelevant and meaningless to the web page content have to be deleted when used in URLs. If the “www” element is removed from the URLs, make sure to check if all the web page has the same configuration. Else, the search engines will consider it as a different websites and the website may face legal issues for duplicity.

Tags for Images

In the case of web design techniques, the importance of using the image tags shouldn’t be neglected. All the images included in the website have to be described accurately with the assistance of image tags-alt attributes. It is impossible for search engines to crawl over the website images, and that is the reason why proper tags has to be coded for helping the search engine robots to collect the necessary data efficiently. Make sure to create a website that is user friendly and SEO compatible.

Tags for Titles

It is mandatory that every web development and design firms must concentrate on making unique title tags for every page in the website. Also, theme of each pages of the website has to be described properly and clearly and can be achieved by counting 1st 65 characters (that includes the spaces as well) of a title tag. It is because of various search engines as they show only a piece of the page title in the search query and the rest are hidden.

Tags or Heading

In the case of web services Australia, the importance of heading tags is high, even if there is a webpage title or section heading. It is a great technique of implementing keywords for the heading tags so that the search engines can show the matter of the page quickly when searched. But, make sure to watch out for the no. of keywords included in the heading tags as well. Most of the web designers and developers tend to stuff many keywords in heading tags that may lead their website to be penalized by Google.
Make sure to check out these web designing tips and help your customers to enhance their website rankings effectively!

About the author

Shane Syddall is an expert web developer and also has immense knowledge on the Search engine Optimization processes. He is an experienced professional, and currently employed by one of the companies dealing with web services Australia. He assists his clients greatly by ensuring the best solutions for their Web Pages.


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