June 8, 2013

Prom: A Social Marketer’s Dream Come True

Nearly any business can benefit from savvy social media marketing. However, according to USA Today, almost no market is quite as gung-ho about social media than prom retailers. It makes perfect sense since social media platforms are the social hub for teens, and many of them have a budget for perfect prom wear. What can other businesses learn from the free marketing outlet that has prom retailers wishing every month was May?

First of all, it’s not just prom wear retailers who are all over social media trying to get high schoolers to like their pages. Restaurants, limo services, florists and any other industries related to prom are using the milestone event to try and attract more customers. The same can be done for any other business that wants to coattail on a holiday or special event. If you own a nail salon, think of all the special events throughout the year that practically require a mani/pedi — for a great deal, advertised online, of course.

The Cost of Prom

Shoes, corsages, dresses and dinners out all add up to a hefty sum. On average, a prom goer spends over $1,100 to fully enjoy this quintessential event, according to USA Today. However, the cost of marketing on social media sites is zero, save for the person’s time spent posting, replying and managing the site. Teens are going to spend their windfall where they want, and if they see a way to save cash on the dinner — leaving a bigger budget for that upgrade to a Hummer limo — they’ll do it.

Every SEO PA company is flooded with requests from companies wanting to take advantage of prom season. However, you can also use holidays and events to your advantage with just a little knowhow. Sometimes, people need reminding that a holiday is right around the corner and you can make it easy for them to remember by offering one-click shopping and a bargain right from their favorite SM site.

Take a Cue from Olive Garden

Olive Garden is all over prom, encouraging teens to post pictures on Instagram and offering a prize of $500 per week leading up to prom for the best photos. Of course, people have to like Olive Garden’s site to win, and the mega company has plenty of money to put into this contest. However, smaller businesses can have their own version of the Olive Garden contest and offer a prize of free corsages, tux rentals or other draws.

For many prom-related retailers, social media is the easiest and most affordable way to reach their target audience. Use the season wisely and remember some teens have free reign of their prom budget. You want to make sure you’re getting a slice of it, otherwise your more social-savvy competitors will.


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