February 28, 2015

Amazing games that are only Created with web Technologies

JavaScript and HTML5 are quite powerful these days. Increasingly more games are built exclusively with these web technologies, and believe it or not, they’re quite entertaining. A couple of years back, developers were compelled to use Flash to create a game. Right now, Flash has nearly disappeared; WebGL has taken the lead. Here are a few amazing games that were crafted with web technologies.


One of the coolest games built with web technology; Sinuous packs sleek graphics, fluid frame rates, and an engaging gameplay. All you have to do is avoid collision with the red dots that are present in the game. Some dots however, give you power-ups, so make sure to grab those. For some additional points, move around as much as possible and steer clear of as many red dots as possible.


HexGL is an incredibly futuristic racing game that was built by Thibaut Despoulain. It is fast-paced, fun, and interactive. Created with WebGL, JavaScript and HTML5, HexGL brings homage to F-Zero and Wipeout. The maker of this racing game – a computer science student - made it with a lot of enthusiasm and devotion, and believe it or not, it’s not the easiest racer you ever played. Do you have what it takes to make it to the finish line?


Who doesn’t love a well-crafted puzzle game? Entanglement was crafted with HTML5 and it has players create lengthy paths through the insertion of all kinds of segments on specific grids. With plenty of levels at your disposal, this web tech game features lots of tricky levels you’ll surely appreciate. Compete with friends and fight for the highest score. Last but not least, relish the background music sounds as they’re quite enthralling.

Cube Slam

Superbly colored and beautifully crafted, Cube Slam is a 3D arcade classic. Built in HTML5, players must defeat Bob, and they have 3 lives to do it. First few levels are easy, but as you advance you’ll see how Cube Slam becomes increasingly more challenging. The web tech game has a multiplayer mode too; this allows players to ask friends to join in.

Elevator Saga

If you’re an avid programmer, then you’ll grow very fond of this coding game. In Elevator Saga players must transport people in the most efficient way using encoding elevator moves. JavaScript is being used for every move, so programmers should prepare themselves for the ultimate challenge.

Olympia Rising

Fight with all your powers and make your way through the infinite pits of the Underworld. In this 2D action-adventure platformer, you play Iola who navigates a wealth of Ancient Greek regions in the hopes of getting out of the Underworld and becoming a person with a normal life once again. Featuring the most fluid animations and lush graphics, Olympia Rising is a 16-bit styled web game where players must slash, jump, climb and blast their way to move onto the next stage.

Escape from XP

RIP to Windows XP! Whether you loved or hated XP, this action arcade game made with HTML5 will definitely draw your attention. Basically, it celebrates the death of the famous operating system, and surprisingly it’s quite engaging. Players are in charge of saving XP’s last developer, who’s somewhere trapped and can’t get out. A must-play for all XP fans!

Out of the numerous games built with JavaScript and HTML5, it’s impossible for avid gamers not to find something to exceed their expectations. The ones we mentioned above are fun, lively, entertaining, and challenging enough to keep players busy for hours in a row. Which one’s your favorite?

This is the guest post by Fredrick Cameron and Make Up Games 365!


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