February 10, 2015

7 Prolific Design and Development Tools That Are In Vogue

The absolute hard work and extensive brainstorming results in high end products upon which we are so dependent.

To ensure the ultimate user experience, its imperative to integrate latest design aspects and stand up to the current market demands. Whether one is designing an app or a website, there are several different key factors that need to be considered and dealt with utmost proficiency for sure-fire results. Hence, if we will observe the complete workflow that has to be accomplished in delivering a worthy product, the designers and developers really need to make special efforts. Precisely, it can be said that from designing to deployment of an app, an app or website development is not a job of a day; rather it involves numerous days and night efforts.

However, with the advent of high quality, proficient design and development tools, expert's job have become more convenient. And thus, it is essential for them to stay updated with the newfangled tools available out there.

Here in the below list I have jotted a few of the latest tools that are highly highly admired by designers and developers.

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This iPad/iPhone application is developed by Paul Hudson and it offers a great solution to review the source code different languages including, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript of any web page. It thus facilitates web development and offers custom syntax highlighting, so that users can set a desired format. Moreover, this tool can be accessed as both extension and application.

Adobe Color CC

Creativity or innovative thoughts are the finest form of entropy, it often hits mind when it is least expected. It just happens and you can get creative at any time. This handy tool is a beautiful creation of Adobe is focused to help designers create colorful themes as and when an innovative idea knock their doors. It offers an overwhelming list of features to help designers with their job.


Grid view is quite significant for app and web designs. This tool offers designers the freedom of designing a preferred grid layout. You may create grids as simple square, triangles or complex appearing hexagons, and define desirable spacing. For creating a grid, you just need to join the available dots.

Appsee Mobile Analytics

No matter what kind of application you are developing, for optimizing an application, you will always need an analytic tool or other the task will be quite daunting. You can efficiently measure, comprehend and optimize your app UX with this advanced mobile tool. This tool works perfectly with both popular platforms iOS and Android. It offers fabulous features that help developers improve conversion rates, profits with enhanced user engagement in-app monetization and more.

Unlike traditional tools that provides numerical data, this tool basically allows developers to review their from user's perspective and visually determine how their users are actually interacting with their app. Thus, it will offer a complete picture of your app.

Font Family Reunion

To ensure that your used font will work smoothly on all your targeted platforms, you can use Font Family Reunion. With this tool, you will get a table that represents which local font will work on the major platforms. Moreover, you can type a particular font name and determine whether that font is aliased, supported or available in the targeted platform.

Chrome DevTools Tips

Google not only offers utile and high-tech products and services to the users, but also offers a great contribution to the development of quality apps and websites. Google Chrome is popular among mass as a browser only, but in deed, it facilitates developer's job with its resourceful features. This tool not only includes set of several proficient tools, but also helps developers by offering them beneficial tips and tricks to efficiently perform development. Its posts and other offerings are updated every to ensure increased productivity and efficiency to developers with the latest approaches.

FX Photo Studio - pro effects & filters, fast camera plus photo editor

Images are absolute visual elements that enhances the complete look and feel of the website. Textual content with relevant images help generate incredible user experience (UX) and enhance user engagement. Therefore, it is quite imperative to ensure a high quality image. This free app offers incredible features that help one efficiently edit and improve image quality. It facilitates a plethora of filters, fabulous effects and a blend of amazing sub features that help create professional images. Hence, this powerful app will always be a great choice for designers and developers.

These are the top-of-the-funnel tools that can augment the efficiency and productivity of developers and designers. You can bet on any of the aforementioned tools, they are curated to deliver sure-fire results. Use these tools and complete your project with utmost precision and absolute performance.

Author Bio: Jason Roiz is qualified web development professional who brings to the table a quantum of knowledge around software development services. He meets expectations for OSSMedia, a CMS development company giving proficient Magento, Drupal, Joomla and WordPress improvement administrations.


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