November 29, 2017

Practical and proven ways to generate leads for your online store

Practical and proven ways to generate leads for your online store
If you have your online store and want to attract more and more customers, then you should read this post very carefully. In order to keep a business afloat, the generating leads are essential. Lead generation plays a vital role in the sales process. Well, there are several ways to generate leads for your online store. In this post, you will get to know about some incredible ways to generate leads for your online store.
There are some effective ways that can get you quick publicity, and fast customers in very small amount invested.

Search engine optimization

You might have a fantastic website, but it is of no use until and unless it pops up on the search engines. According to the study, around 78% of the total clicks are from the top three links in the search results. This basically is emphasizing the keywords for which your product is known. This will help you drive attention towards your website and in turn gets high leads and inbound sales. Google search console, HitTail, SEO book are some of the best SEO tips for the starting.

Formatting of landing page

The Landing page is the page on which the client 'lands' after clicking on your link. You need to make it effective and engaging by providing forms and offers on your product. This is the first impression and the sight of your leads. This also needs to be understood that you need to protect your landing page from outside campaigns. Having outside campaigns will improve their SEO ranking and you need to increase yours.


Webinars are e- seminars wherein the company gets live with its customers talking about any relevant topic to their products. This is an amazing opportunity to generate leads as you will be live at your customer base and can talk in person. It is a proven fact that talking to person is always more effective.


This is a very old technique to let people know about you. Writing a blog is not that of an easy task, but it gets you a lot of attention. You can get high quality content, either get it from another writer or you can write on your own. After completion of the blogs you can ask other websites to publish your blogs. This will not cost you much but will give you a lot of benefits. Publicity is the first, you can provide a link in your blog that leads to your site. This will also give you an opportunity to share your thoughts with the client.

Online directories

Online directories are not that big in hearing, but are, actually, very useful. Many businesses make their leads just because they are listed in the online directories like G2Crowd, Capterra, Get app, etc.

Press releases

People are coming to the internet for every small and big thing. News is one thing that almost every one of your lead is surely interested in. The news, forums might be of great help to you in generating new leads. The more you get into the eyes of people that matter the hold a chance to win them as clients.

Old is gold

Mouth publicity is the best publicity because people trust the people telling them about your business. Your old customers can refer you can refer you as good service providers and this will make you even better leads. So, you need to also take care of your old clients and not only focus on new clients.
Lead generation is not an easy task, but for your own company to grow you need to make new clients. The steps stated above are just the starting steps; you also need to think something out of the box. Last few decades saw less innovation in this area. You need to stand out of the crowd to be recognized as different from others. You as the owner need to invest in the marketing department because once your marketing goes strong you are surely going to ride the horse of prospering in no time.

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