April 5, 2018

Differences between Shared Hosting, VPS, and Dedicated Server

Lots of people asking me about hosting and they are confused by Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS, Virtual Private Server, and Dedicated Server.

Shared hosting and reseller hosting

Shared hosting is generally seen as a relatively low-cost entry-level host. In addition, some people call it Web Hosting. This type of virtual host is used to receive a large number of customers on a host, and one host may put dozens of Or hundreds of sites, it's a bit like you rent a serviced office.

If you rent a serviced office, you may have more than a dozen people sharing public facilities like public office chairs, conference rooms, internet, tea rooms, telephones, air-conditioning, printers, etc., but the cost will definitely be more than you rent/buy yourself. The office, which is why the shared host would be cheaper, and because it is cheap, it is currently the mainstream in the market.

Renting a shared host means that you share the resources of this host with other websites of the same host, such as IP, CPU, hard disk, and network bandwidth, so when the same host takes up more CPU, you The website will be dragged down, which is why the host computer in the United States has stricter restrictions on the CPU, because it cannot always affect the rights of the majority because of a small number of people.

There are also shared hosts that all use the same IP, so someone would say that if the same host has websites that are blacklisted by search engines, the search engine may not retrieve your site or it will be bad for your SEO, but I can tell you that now more than 90% of the world's websites are on shared hosting, so you don't have to take this part, and search engines still collect it.

Shared hosting also has another type of account called Reseller Hosting. Reseller accounts are much more expensive than normal shared hosting accounts. This is provided for companies like web design companies or companies that have a number of agency sales agencies. The difference between dealer accounts and general accounts is that dealers can use separate back-office management for their customers. All the support matters are the responsibility of the dealer.


The main concern for renting shared hosting is that if one host receives too many customers, or if the same host has a website that occupies a lot of resources, this can only be confirmed by the reputation of the host computer and observations made afterwards. There will be a few hosts on the same host business. If you register to a few hosts, it is best to leave before the refund period or request to change the host. Otherwise, the same amount of money will not be the same. The performance is very vomiting.



A virtual private server (VPS) is a relatively high-end virtual host. You can imagine this as if you were renting a serviced office "independent room."


If you live in a "separate room," you can have your own equipment conference space, telephone, printer and air-conditioning. What you have to do is more free and convenient, and if you rent a room that is big enough, then you can be the second landlord yourself. Find people to share the rent, and because the price is higher than the shared host, the number of clients receiving a host must be relatively small (in fact, VPS should not be oversold), of course, is more suitable for high-traffic or CPU Sites that use higher rates to stand. 

The fundamental difference between VPS and shared hosting is that in terms of system programs, shared hosts share a set of host programs such as Linux, Apache, SQL, etc., but VPS systems use virtual programs like VMware or Virtual Box for personal computers. Each VPS customer installs an operating system, and it will define the hard disk, memory, and bandwidth usage of your system, just like the data in the VPS comparison table above. When you sell your VPS, you have already set the conditions, so you can guarantee that your system will not affect other people's systems or that someone else's system will affect you.

This way is very much like you have a private computer in the computer room, so there will be a Virtual Private Server like this name, but to rent a VPS host you have to have basic knowledge of Linux, because a lot of things are If you set it yourself, it won't be possible to make your mainframe use 100% less effective. If you have basic Linux knowledge, then ensuring that VPS can make you have a good time.

There are VPSs that will generally distribute independent IPs to you. Some specifications are better and even give you a few IPs. This is indispensable for some special applications or e-commerce. If you have some yourself Programs written to run on the site, such as blogging, tribal tracks, and self-developed web applications, use at least this level of host.


Exclusive host

Dedicated Server really lets you own a physical host. The cost is quite high, and look at the specifications of the host is also not very good, I think few people would want to rent this kind of Exclusive host it.


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